Video of Malaika

Great video Shelly! Those are some really good shots.

Very very heartwarming! I love the picture where Malaika is looking at something in the grass, and the cat is phased out about it. Too cute!

wonderful pictures. Love the name and the music.

What a sweetie, and what lovely pictures. It looks as though she is getting on ok with the cat/s?

Helena, Malaika is doing well with the Cats although she still has her moments 😉
She will lick Toms ears and usualy he's quite tolerant, the most he does is a quick dab on her ears and a hiss.
Jerry is another story and gets quite wound up when she's doing the Basenji 500, or should i say 250 for now 😃
He watches intently from his position on the sofa and swipes when she goes near. He's quite a nervous Cat which makes him quick to react.
We have had to reinforce "Leave it!" with the occassional spray of water, which we dont let her see us doing, consequently she thinks the Cats can spray water 😉

She is sweet :).
Are you planning a showing her?


She is sweet :).
Are you planning a showing her?

Thanks Irena.
We are not planning on showing, i haven't got the right temperament 😉

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