Mbali (Shaun's little sister) is now 12-weeks-old. (more photos!)

  • Its cold and rainy again here in Seattle so I decided to process some photos of young Mbali.

    She is now almost 13-weeks-old and growing every day. Her legs seem to be growing faster than the rest of her.

    Show is really enjoying life. She spends most of her time annoying the heck out of her big brother, Shaun. Actually they are great together. They play rough at times, but its mainly all noise. They also enjoy napping together.

    Last week Mbali had her first Puppy Class which went well. Yesterday the four of us went on a long walk through the woods. Mbali did great and seemed to enjoy every minute of it without getting tired. Sherri loves to walk so this is a good sign.

    Anyways here are some new photos:

  • Yes those flashing teeth look familiar 😉
    Some lovely pictures and i love Shaun's website

  • Superb pictures! Wow, has Shaun ever grown. When you don't see pictures of our basenjis for awhile and then you see new ones, there is such a difference. Mbali looks like the perfect friend for Shaun - such a cutie.

  • Shaun turned one in December. So he sometimes acts like the stately adult dog with Mbali around. But most of the time he is right in there with going crazy with puppy antics.

    We have given up trying to stop them running around the living room. Our oak flooring is taking on that rustic look. About five minutes ago they were chasing each other at 90 miles an hour, totally bonkers. Sherri slowly looked at me and asked "so what kind of flooring do you want to get next?"

  • I said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again, Mbali is a beautiful puppy and someday I'd like to have an identical twin to her! I'm SOOO jealous. 🙂
    Love Shaun's webpage, BTW. Very well done. You have some wonderful pictures on it. Now you just need to post new blogs more often! 😉

  • Houston

    Awesome pictures..I love the one you posted on here…oh and the one with all the toilet paper..awesome..

  • Too cute, love this quote on your website: "Puppyhood: never ending or way too brief? The answer to that question depends on the day: how cute and adorable or how destructive and crazy she is on any given moment."

    It describes the first year with my b/w girl precisely!

  • Just wanted to say how glad we are that Rev's last daughter has such a wonderful home. Rev has been a joy from day one and we are sure his daughter will be just as wonderful as he is.

  • Love the photos and web site. Mbali is just what Shaun needed to keep life interesting. And I suggest heavy area rugs to cover the floors! Then maybe tile.

  • Interesting is the word!

    We have been under the radar coping with these two. Three weeks ago both got some kind of tummy bug. Awful experience with projectile liquids from "both ends."

    We were concerned that this was taking too long to clear up so we made an appointment with our vet. About 45 minutes before leaving I took them for a walk. Walking these two is our little version of a comedy act. While reaching down to collect "a sample" both leashes got wrapped around a pole. In the process I stepped back and stood on little Mbali's foot! Never even noticed she had darted backwards.

    She screamed but then seemed ok. She limped home for about the first block but then walked on all four legs the rest of the way. Once home she hopped up on the favorite chair. While I was putting Shaun in the car (both were going to the vet) I heard Mbali scream loudly from inside. I rushed in and she was standing on three legs next to the chair. She must have jumped down and something was definitely causing her pain. Luckily I had a vet appointment in 20 minutes.

    The vet felt her paw and decided to take an x-ray. Sure enough Mbali had two hairline fractures in the two center bones just above her foot. The two outer bones were fine though. They gave her some laser therapy and then wrapped her entire rear leg in a splint. I felt simply terrible having caused all this. The two main joints in her leg were wrapped so they could not bend. To my guilt ridden eyes the cast looked HUGE.

    Once she was back in the house Mbali seemed very unhappy; trying to settle with the cast etc. But by the next day she was moving, walking, eating as before. Both dogs were also given meds for their tummy issues. Thankfully that all cleared up in a couple of days. I made boiled chicken, boiled potatoes, pumpkin, cottage cheese, etc. The big hit were the little jars of baby food we mixed in.

    The issue with Mbali then became keeping her "calm". But she decided to run, jump off furniture and wrestle with Shaun like nothing ever happened.

    We went in next week. Her cast had slipped a little so Mbali's toes were sticking out more than the vet liked. They rewrapped the cast and were told maybe three weeks more. After another week I became concerned about the cast again so back to the vet we went. She asked me for all the details about Mbali's activity etc. The vet then decided "lets do the x-ray a week early!" She came back with the film and she said she could not see ANY fracture anymore. Her age, the thin clean nature of the fractures, the laser therapy and these homeopathic bone healing pills seemed to do the trick. The big factor is the fractures were the two center bones and not the two outer bones. The outer bones act like a natural splint. The big positive news was that Mbali was sent home with her cast unchanged and she would only have to have it on for one more week just to be sure. Three weeks total it seems.

    Her cast comes of this Tuesday! Hopefully all will be fine. The vet seemed sort of surprised at how quickly Mbali has healed. We cant wait!

  • To Rev's Mom: thank you!

    Mbali is really sweet. She is very affectionate and loves life. Having two Basenjis is a blast. Its somehow easier. As both are so young the activity level gets insane at times, even with Mbali in a leg cast.

    Mbali is extremely food motivated. We feed her in her crate. She runs into her crate but then can't wait the two seconds it takes to snap the metal food bowl onto the grating on the door. You have to get it done just right in an instant or the food will go everywhere. Mbali attacks her food like its her last meal ever. She also acts like she has not been fed in three weeks.

    Mbali and Shaun have bonded wonderfully though. They do have angry sounding squabbles. At first we used to rush in as we were concerned that Shaun was beating up his little sister. But its 99% angry noise and Mbali gives as well as she takes, as the saying goes. I really need to capture this on video. My friend heard one of these episodes while we talking on the phone. "Oh my God…" was the reaction...

  • Glad the paw is healing and the 2 b's are buddys. Your in for a lifetime of basenji fun!

  • Thanks Sharron!

    It was nice meeting you at the dog show the other week…

  • What a cutie! Loved the close-up of her face in the field with her jacket 🙂

  • Cast/splint came off today and all looks great!

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