Mama's little helpers

Number one rule when you have puppies….keep a camera handy.

The pups were running about in the kitchen while I was putting groceries away. I turned my back for a minute.....

OMG !!!!! Those are so funny, very smart puppies! Maybe they think it is a big crate with food service!

LOLOL!!! 😃

Where goes one, so goes the pack…

I knew there was something I liked about that r/w girl!

Nope, the Tri was in there first…gggg

Basenji Mix

that is the cutest thing ever!

Oh my gosh, those are awesome. Awesome.

Why am I not surprised that tri boy & plain red girl are the two who are completely in the fridge?? I'm surprised the red one with the question mark wasn't trying to shove tri boy out of the way.

Oh wow…. They are determined!

I'd think you'd be thrilled. At least 2 of those pups look like great agility prospects.

Agile might be right - the tri boy was the first on the bottom shelf and also the first who climbed up on the ramp to see mom in your video. 😃

Love the kids on the shelf - too funny!!

Cool Puppies,lol

That's just too funny! Smart pups!! 😃

Very smart and pretty babies. I love it and bless you for having the camera.

Rita Jean

Adorable!! Thanks For Sharing 🙂

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