• Hi all, heres some photos of Hope.

    She is growing up so fast! (added some recent photos from last night)

    We start puppy preschool next week 🙂

    • Alysha

  • She is very adorable!

  • She's adorable! Good luck at puppy preschool!

  • She's soooo cute!!! Love the pic of her in the horse feed bin!

  • Houston

    She is adorable, have fun at puppy preschool, usually those classes are fun..for you and for the puppy.

  • Hope is so very cute, she suits her name. I hope you all have fun at Puppy classes.

  • Just the sweetest puppy face! Well done for planning on the puppy classes - you will both have a great time there.

  • Thanks everyone 🙂 i love her so much.

    Very excited about puppy preschool, a little nervous too but not too much lol ive been teaching her Sit, Stay and Come. (However i wont be saying that out loud when we go to preschool, shes a little gremlin and i bet any money she'll be like "sit? pfft as if !" and do a B500 lol) 😛

    Had a good look around at all our preschools in Tsv. I chose one that the lady is a national accredited trainer and her methods is using positive reinforcement. Shes had a couple of Basenji's come through her puppy classes before too.

    We start this Thursday 🙂

  • She is so adorable! Makes me miss Shaye's puppy days, until I remember how often I prayed for her to hurry up and get older - something I still do, sometimes! Puppies are wonderful, and they are great teachers. I think by the time you live through puppyhood, whatever they do is fine, because it's "better" by comparison! LOL.

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