Hope's Photos

Hi all, heres some photos of Hope.

She is growing up so fast! (added some recent photos from last night)

We start puppy preschool next week 🙂

  • Alysha

She is very adorable!

She's adorable! Good luck at puppy preschool!

She's soooo cute!!! Love the pic of her in the horse feed bin!


She is adorable, have fun at puppy preschool, usually those classes are fun..for you and for the puppy.

Hope is so very cute, she suits her name. I hope you all have fun at Puppy classes.

Just the sweetest puppy face! Well done for planning on the puppy classes - you will both have a great time there.

Thanks everyone 🙂 i love her so much.

Very excited about puppy preschool, a little nervous too but not too much lol ive been teaching her Sit, Stay and Come. (However i wont be saying that out loud when we go to preschool, shes a little gremlin and i bet any money she'll be like "sit? pfft as if !" and do a B500 lol) 😛

Had a good look around at all our preschools in Tsv. I chose one that the lady is a national accredited trainer and her methods is using positive reinforcement. Shes had a couple of Basenji's come through her puppy classes before too.

We start this Thursday 🙂

She is so adorable! Makes me miss Shaye's puppy days, until I remember how often I prayed for her to hurry up and get older - something I still do, sometimes! Puppies are wonderful, and they are great teachers. I think by the time you live through puppyhood, whatever they do is fine, because it's "better" by comparison! LOL.

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