Bella's photos

We did a Christmas photo shoot!


Very Nice! What a good poser!

Hey, these are so sweet, where did u have them done, and btw Bella looks alot like my Sahara, check out Sahara's picture on this same link!!!

Beautiful X-Mas Photos…Quite Photogenic!

I just love the sweater and yes I wish I could get mine to sit like that…...great job. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you, I took these photos on my digital camera. Trust me, it was not easy! We took tons of pictures and a lot of them didn't turn out. The wonderful thing about these digital cameras is the option to delete what you don't like! This is very helpful when taking pictures of a wild little Basenji! My son helped to keep her sitting and staying and of course a treat made it a little easier, too! I have a program on my computer to do the layouts, neat huh? 😉

Here is my Bella without her clothes on LOL!



We did a Christmas photo shoot!


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