• It's time for Kismet to have a friend I think. But she'll soon be having a "different" buddy then most would get for their dog LOL. I'm limiting myself to two dogs and two cats, and as the dogs positions are full… a cat it will have to be! I've got a couple potentials who are being fostered with dogs, so I can be sure they will get along with one. I'm not able to bring her to their homes plus their about an hour from me so they can't come here 😞 So I'll just have to see how they interact with the dogs of those houses.

    I was able to finally see her with another cat today when I went to a shelter that'd allow me to bring her. It was really cute, the cat would smack her on her head very nicely (no claws!). Wish the room was bigger to see if they'd play chase. She didn't seem to know what to do with a cat that wasn't growling at her anytime she tried to touch it. The other two pets of the house are seniors and don't want anything to do with her 😉

    Tomorrow I have appointments to stop by two houses that have two kitties that might fit my needs. I can't wait! I would have just taken Blackjack (the shelter kitty) but I didn't want to rush into it. Wanna make sure my new baby is the right one!

    Just thought I'd share, I'm so excited 🙂 I'll share some pics of them soon as the new addition gets comfortable.

  • Have fun, we got a kitten when our first basenjis were about a yr old and they all grew up together

  • I was thinking about getting a kitten but I'm afraid she might hurt it accidently when she uses her paws/nose in play. So I'm checking out ones about 5 months that seem a lil more "sturdy" and can give a good smack back if needed to make her chill out 😉

  • Here's the new playmate! He's got an URI so treating him right now, hopefully he'll feel better soon. Still getting used to Kismet running around and the new place so he hides a bit. His name was Blackjack in the shelter. I'm debating if I want to keep it or change it. Some other ideas I had were Mojo, Cashmere, Casanova, Whimsy…

  • A tuxedo kitty! Years ago, we had a beautiful tuxedo girl. She charmed us for many many years. I am partial to bi-colour cats. My recently passed Barney was a beautiful orange and white.

    I hope your new kitty gets over his infection soon.

  • Very cute cat, hope he feels better soon.
    Names, hmmm, play on Blackjack: Vegas, Reno, Gamble (like gambler, but not quite), so many choices. I'm sure his personality will guide you! Congratulations!

  • Houston

    ah he is adorable…congratulations..

  • I've decided on the name Faithful. It's the name of a cat in one of the series by Tamora Pierce, great read btw if ya like young adult fantasy type. Just didn't want a name bunches of pets might have like Mojo.

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