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Thank you Nancy! This has been an agonizing decision. You are a kind person and I thought this would be an understanding place to start. This will be my last post based on Debby Downers hateful comments followed by Krazy's equally rude comment. I will try to find other resources mention in these posts. So please don't reply as I will not be returning to this message board.

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We are in Delaware. We drove 19hrs to IL to get her. No breeder agreement.

Thanks for all the links! I really appreciate it.

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We used to have a house full of people but now the only person left is a full time student with a job. This person is hardly home and can't give our sweet basenji the attention she needs and deserves. She a really good dog and is very adaptable. She's almost 9 years old but still acts like a puppy in great health and very playful. I'd love to give her to a home with other basenjis. Not great with kids under 18. Does anyone know where the best place to find a home for basenjis is? Thanks!

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