I need to find a home for my female pb basenji

  • We used to have a house full of people but now the only person left is a full time student with a job. This person is hardly home and can't give our sweet basenji the attention she needs and deserves. She a really good dog and is very adaptable. She's almost 9 years old but still acts like a puppy in great health and very playful. I'd love to give her to a home with other basenjis. Not great with kids under 18. Does anyone know where the best place to find a home for basenjis is? Thanks!

  • Check here, they rehome Basenjis and are careful that they go to good homes. Basenji Recue and Transport (https://www.basenjirescue.org/PostDog.asp)

  • @missymoo - Who is the breeder? Responsible breeders have contracts that require a Basenji that is being given up be returned to the breeder?

  • First, is the full time student you (obviously caps are a trigger for some) or another person in your house? If not, there are 2 people and her best home is where she is. Get her interactive toys, exercise her when home, sleep with her at night. If the dog really only has the full time student/working person, then you need to contact the breeder first if you got her from one.

    If not, I suggest Florida's Camp Basenji.

    Where is she located? If you have to go with a different rescue, see if they'll let you list her and be responsible about screening a new home.

    Posts here also are on the Facebook group. Someone there also asked where she is located:

  • Where are you located?

  • Hello, we are in the Los Angeles area and looking to adopt an adult B.
    You can also go through the Medfly Brigade Basenji Rescue, http://www.basenjirescue.com/

  • We are in Delaware. We drove 19hrs to IL to get her. No breeder agreement.

    Thanks for all the links! I really appreciate it.

  • Find it interesting DebraDownSouth that your question was not answered! I too am wondering why missymoo is giving up the dog other than she doesn't want to be bothered now!

  • @missymoo - Sad to hear that this pup didn't come from a responsible breeder. Suggest you contact BRAT (www.basenjirescue.org) to find a responsible placement. Hopefully she has been health tested for Fanconi and PRA via a DNA test?

  • @missymoo BRAT is your very best bet to rehome your basenji . You can contact them at https://www.basenjirescue.org/. They are very kind and will make sure your girl gets a nice home. You can trust them and they have volunteers all over the country. She will be safe in their hands. Best wishes,

  • @debradownsouth I think kindness is in order for anyone looking to responsibly rehome their Basenji. None of us are in any position to assign motives to someone we don't know. We want to keep this forum accepting of all Basenji owners and people will stop coming if they get a lecture on how to live their lives from the forum members. I am sure you did not realize in your zeal to protect this basenji that your comments were fairly critical. I know you were only trying to help, but I'll bet this lady is broken hearted to have to give up her Basenji-we should choose kind words until we know differently.

  • Did you find a home for her? I reside in So. Orange county and I adore Basenji's, I have Rickie whom I adopted at 1 1/2 yr's old, he is now 11 and such a sweet guy! Please let me know as I may be interested in adopting and spoiling your girl!

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  • Thank you Nancy! This has been an agonizing decision. You are a kind person and I thought this would be an understanding place to start. This will be my last post based on Debby Downers hateful comments followed by Krazy's equally rude comment. I will try to find other resources mention in these posts. So please don't reply as I will not be returning to this message board.

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  • @debradownsouth As I SAID, you probably did not realize your questions about missymoo's personal life were critical of her decision. You then gave helpful info, but the questions were offputting....and apparently she felt so too since she has already left the group. If you take issue with what I said, I am sorry...I meant them kindly.

  • I am new to this forum so I offer this advice with respect and humility. When writing a letter or a text or email etc., be careful in the way you express yourself. Read over what you have written. Is this how you would speak to another person face to face? Sometimes our written messages comes off sounding mean or officious without intending to offend anyone. Like this: “ All staff members on the committee report to my office. “ OR
    “Good morning. Would everyone who’s on the committee please pop over to my office this morning”. One sounds unfriendly one sounds friendly. Which one would you rather hear? This is just common curtesy. If you’ve ever been told you sounded rude in your written communication, take the criticism like an adult. Look twice at what you wrote. Have someone else proofread your messages. As in everything, kindness begets kindness. And you will accomplish more and be happier.

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  • Bottom line, it's the internet, it's a forum, people aren't always going to express themselves in a "politically correct" manner. Leaving a forum because one or two people were a little too direct or critical is perhaps being a tad sensitive/defensive. I wouldn't be on any forums if I reacted that way! 😉

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