• My husband and I are planning on getting a basenji puppy, but I was hoping to get a bit of advice from the many experts here. I've read that two males and two females are more likely to fight than a male and a female. My husband's parents have a male Australian shepherd and his sister has a male golden. We will be living within a couple of hours of each family, so while it won't be a daily or weekly thing, our pup will likely spend time with the other two dogs, who do get along well.

    Should we definitely be looking for a female basenji? Does it really matter? What would you recommend?

  • Welcome to the forum. Dogs living together are more likely to fight, and making sure your pup spends time with the other 2 regularly so they bond early will help. But I'd suggest a female. All around, both for your basenji and particularly for the Australian shepherd (who can also be testy with other dogs), it's probably your safer bet.

    Where are you getting your puppy from? You might find relatives on the board. 🙂

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