• We are thinking about getting two male 3 month old basenji pups. I am afraid that they would fight and not get along. Any advise or suggestions would be highly appreciated.

  • While male to female fighting happens, your chances are far better getting a male and female than 2 males. What breeder or rescue are you getting them from? Do they not have a female instead? Basenjis most certainly love a playmate, but having lived with keeping dogs separated, it's not a choice I'd want to up the chances of it happening with.

  • Always say, opposites are best... are these littermates? Even with opposites, many times littermates are a problem... as they competed as babies for everything.... and we say, it works till it doesn't... Is there a reason you want two of the same sex? and you need to be prepared that if they don't get along you will need to separate... I was very lucky but very concerned about the two bitches I got at the same time, 2wks in age apart... I looked at the temperament of both before deciding... and LUCKED out... I have one very confident bitch and one not.. but they have meshed well together with the confident bitch not concerned with being "top" in the house, she knows she is but doesn't need to prove it.... still it took till my one bitch had puppies to prove to me that she was OK in her skin and have remained friends since... even with her puppies.

    IMO (in my opinion) unless you are looking to breed at some point, not worth the chance... been the other route too... and it is NOT fun

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