• Kwame is now 21 months old and has certainly found his voice.
    He realy doesn't like being left on his own and is able to make this tremendously loud noise like an air raid siren going off. He starts with a few croaks first before letting rip.
    He also sings along to the theme tune to coronation street, i believe his mum sings to it too so he probably heard it before he was born.
    When he's telling Malaika off he sounds realy vicious as he snarl and goes to bite her cheek but actualy his bite is very controlled and quite gentle realy for a Basenji, it just sounds bad.
    Malaika is more silent inititialy in her attack of him and just curls her lip up before screaming into his face. She yodels from time to time at other dogs but is generaly not as vocal.

  • Oakley used to baroo or yodel EVERYTIME I came home and then occasionally for certain things. He does it maybe once a month now. I didn't know at first what changed but yesterday my landlord tolde he howls and yodels when I leave for hours then again around the time he knows I come home…little stinker, I love hearin him talk and I miss it all!! Others who live above and below me may disagree 🙂

  • Okay Shelley, I want a video!

    LOL neither of my current 2 basenjis yodel, but fortunately they also don't scream. But I just had an overnight rescue transport and omg he had such a sweet wonderful barooooooo. He did it several times during the night. Gotta say if I have to hear something at night, his sweet voice was a great one.

  • We've never been able to figure just what causes them to yodel, Itty Bitty and Mr Baroo both sound off when they are either happy or very excited, but our new boy Buddy, seems to be almost voiceless. The ony sound he makes is at the door when he feels he has been banished to the yard for too long a period, a very sad whine. Hopefully he will begin to respond to Bitty and Baroo when they become vocally happy.

  • I usually get yodels when my guy is anticipating something he likes and is getting impatient. The longer the delay, the more likely I get a "baroo" when I finally give him what he wants…...in most cases, food. 🙂 I got my previous boy to start singing by making noises through an empty paper towel roller. He did more howling than barooing, but it certainly got him going. One of my girls would start up when I played at "threatening" her by holding my hands just over her head as if I was going to grab her. Didn't always produce results, but sometimes a growly yodel would be forthcoming. Different things work for different dogs.....

  • Malaika nearly always yodels when she's playing with a toy on the settee, she seems to like it when it falls off on the floor and stands above it and yodels.
    Debra will try to get a vid

  • Oh gosh how cute.. the yodel of "great toy defeater." I am envious. Cara makes tons of musical yawns, not not a single yodel.

  • Debra, i love the musical yawns, Malaika does them but Kwame doesn't.

  • Jenga and Rudy are both quiet dogs when it comes to barooing. I have only occasionally heard a half-hearted baroo as a greeting from Jenga. However, i am sure that however developed the cartoon Tasmanian Devil was the owner of B like Rudy. He makes the biggest noises I have ever heard when trying to shoo Jenga out the space he consider to be his alone. Especially in the middle of the night as Jenga tries to migrate higher up on the bed! It can be quite alarming but he is sure all show.

  • My guy howls in his sleep sometimes. Really something to see (and hear) because he truly is asleep when he does it. More often, he will give little yips and move his legs. Never quite sure if he is chasing something or something is chasing him. And then there are the growls…....:)

  • Here is a video we made to see what happens when Kwame is left on his own. I wish to point out that he is rarely left and if Malaika is with him then usualy he is ok. He is a real baby though and sometimes start with the howling if he even thinks we have gone out, ie in another room.


  • Oh my kwame! What a voice..lol, that's certainly one of displeasure. I wonder if that's what Oakley sounds like when I'm gone?!

  • Shelly I was rolling, the dogs all over my chair trying to see what was making that noise. WONDERFUL! 🙂

  • Great video. He can certainly announce himself!!

  • What a voice! He is clearly making his displeasure known. I know it makes us all giggle, but you are right to wonder if those above and below you also think how cute it is.

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