• Hi there, my name is Kyle. I recently bought a 5 month old Basenji Puppy online from a breeder in California. I thought I would have more time than I do with him to spend more of my time with him. He's such a good boy. He's house trained but I just don't have the time to take him out side and walk him. I don't have a yard for him to play in and he overall needs other dogs around. I would love to see him in a better home than what I can provide for him. If anyone knows of someone looking for a Basenji Puppy, please let me know. Im calling out for help from all Basenji owners.

  • Thank you for making this decision now, it is so important that a Basenji be brought up correctly. Are you looking to sell him to recover his purchase fee or do you simply want a good home? I could help if it is the latter. I volunteer with Basenji Rescue And Transport (BRAT), this organisation will definitely find a good Basenji home for your pup. Contact me at giza.1@mcsnet.ca and please attach a picture of him.

  • I assumed that you contacted the breeder about taking him back? Responsible breeders have requirements in their contract that says they will take their dogs back for its lifetime..... Your best bet is to surrender him to BRAT

  • Thank you for thinking of the puppy's needs.

    Please, contact the breeder first if you signed a contract. Responsible breeders have contracts, nearly all requiring you contact them if things don't work out. They may have other homes waiting already. If the breeder sold you the puppy without a contract, then there are a few here looking for a puppy that might be interested. Make sure you get references and vet references so that your puppy goes to a home, not someone wanting to use him for breeding in some puppymill.

    If you can't find a good home and you are willing to place without being paid, BRAT can be helpful in screening and getting into a good home in most cases.

    California has a separate basenji rescue also... http://www.basenjirescue.com/ ... however, I have no idea if they do fanconi testing.

    If your pup does not have clear parents, or at least one clear, please get him tested before you place him. A home getting a dog with a genetic disorder is more likely to abandon it if they don't know upfront what they are getting. If you have the parents' registration numbers or names, it is easy to verify if they were tested.

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