• I took my B in to the vet last week due to a dry patch on her hind quarter. We thought it may be due to the weather however it didn't seem to be going away and then it seemed like it was getting worse. We found out after a skin scraping that it was demodicosis. I type of mite that lives in most dogs. The problem being that she has a hereditary immune deficiency and can't ward them off naturally. Thankfully it's just a localized form and not a generalized form so it should be treatable. However she seems to be getting another mild one next to it. I'm a little worried that it is a generalized form and it's just now breaking out.

    Anyone ever had any experience with this? She has always been on a 'Natural Balance' diet which is a good meat based food and we give her suppliments that are high in fatty acids and omega 3 which was recommended.

  • OMG…Nala was on meds for that (although never really diagnosed after multiple scrapings) for the first 2 years of her life!! There's a post somewhere...she lost a lot of hair around her eyes and it kept spreading until on the meds for a bit. Poor thing looked like a racoon. I know it cleared up on the meds and we even went as far as going to to a doggy dermatologist. I can't comment abou the added immune deficiency, but I can tell you that you're not alone. Hopefully they'll just "outgrow" it like ours did. Keep us posted. Hang in there. ((Hugs))

  • My experience was with Duke at only 10-12 weeks old when we brought him home. The vet took multiple scrapings from his front elbows and ears where it was evident he had mites. After 6 weeks of observation, vet administered a shot of Ivermectin. Duke's problems cleared up. Hope this insight helps.

  • My dog had demodex as a pup…. We put him on a high quality food (I used Solid Gold), we supplemented him (I used Solid Gold Sea Meal), and we used the topical ointment called Goodwinol. It took a few months, but it did clear up.

  • My B, Dacia, just got over this exact same infection. It started at the corner of her mouth with a missing patch of hair and a raw, red appearance to the skin. I had to take her into the vet every 2 weeks for a "dip". It's a medicated bath that they put her in and then allow to air dry. After three applications (one beyond a clean scraping), the infection is gone. So far, no additional spots have appeared.

  • I love this forum! I was searching everywhere for alternative recommendations to combat this pesky mange and don't know why I didn't think of coming here first 🙂

    My 1 year old basenji mix had a small spot over her right shoulder I noticed. The vet has me just trying the advantage multi to see if it'll clear it up before putting her on the harsher and more expensive treatment. She's losing a bit more hair in that area tho, and I know he said it'll only get worse before it gets better but I want to try to help it however I can. I just called and he said the goodwinol ointment won't hurt, just that I shouldn't mix too much chemicals on her.

    So I'm thinking I'll get the ointment and possibly order that goodwinol shampoo? Anyone have experience with that? It says it contains cedar oil that is a naturally occurring insecticide used to combat fleas, mites, mosquitoes and other dermatologic pests.

    Also, I read about it probably meaning she has a low immune system? I've got her on wellness core, tho I may be switching her to the regular wellness if the gas doesn't go away. Any recommendations on what I should be making sure my food has to keep her immune system healthy? And which supplements/vitamins I should be adding, if any?

  • Hey, first, there are many types of mange. Sarcoptic mange won't clear up, needs treatment. With demodectic mange, if your dog is going to be bred, don't treat it. It is important to know if the dog's own immune system is healthy enough to overcome it. If it isn't, it is recommended you spay/neuter. Often, even if YOUR puppy is a pet, the breeder should be contacted because he/she may want you to wait because that information is very important to knowing what is going on.


  • They already tested it, its the red mange. She's was originally picked up as a stray with her littermates in GA. So already fixed when I adopted her. No idea on parentage but I contacted the group I got her from to let them know and hopefully they'll get word out to the other adopters so they know to keep an eye out for it.

  • Then I would go with ivermectin if the goodwin oil doesn't help pretty fast. It truly is the gold standard now. At one year, she is past the puppy mange stage and unless there is some new stress that could have lowered her immune system temporarily, I'd assume it needs treatment.

    Background, btw… chow rescue. I almost always expect any chow puppies hitting rescue to have mange it is so common. I got a litter that had been dumped on the highway that were, literally, bald and scabbed. Even 20 yrs ago, we'd have euthanized them as hopeless. Thank goodness for new meds!

  • I love this manual.

    Information on demodex. I agree with DebraDownSouth. I can only imagine the crazy cases of mange you have seen with a chow rescue, We get a couple here and there at the clinic i work at. Stress could be a factor to decrease your B's immunity to these mites.
    I have experienced amitraz dips for demodex dogs but ivermectin is a nice all around treatment for creepy crawlies.

    Her diet sounds fine and the fatty acids and oils shes getting is a great supplement however it does not fully prevent her from ever getting a mite infection.

  • I wish my shelter was more lenient with the cases we get in. It's so disheartening to see a skin scraping of a puppy and know they won't try to treat it.

  • That doesn't sound like good medicine 😞

  • @Ellusionz:

    I wish my shelter was more lenient with the cases we get in. It's so disheartening to see a skin scraping of a puppy and know they won't try to treat it.

    So, if I am understanding correctly, they will spend the time to scrape, diagnose and then do nothing? Very bizarre. What is their intent then of doing the scraping?

  • They want to see what it is.. then they'll euthanize them if its demodex.

  • @Ellusionz:

    They want to see what it is.. then they'll euthanize them if its demodex.

    Oh dear 😞 This is why I knew as a young teen who loved animals that I would never be able to work in a vet's office 😞 I admire those who can.

  • I would think they would euthanize if sarcoptic mange(scabies) would come up not demodex? which is much easier to treat.
    Kipawa: Yes it is very hard to work at a vet clinic sometimes. You learn how to not want every animal in the world and how much work it is to own them (mostly financially). It helps that the vets you work with are reasonable in what they euthanize. Like we had one guy bring in a dog that we've seen and boarded for a holiday and she was a beautiful greyhound mix(i have a soft spot for them). Monday morning he comes in to get Gracie euthanized because she had separation anxiety and bad allergies. I would have taken her fast if i could she was such a sweetheart at the kennel. When she came in i could see the sadness and helpless look in her eyes. The vet I was working with told the owner I do not feel comfortable euthanizing your dog for those reasons and walked out. Unfortunately she was put down. But I will never forget those kinds of people.

  • That is so awful a person would do that for those reasons! Poor greyhound! IMO, people like that shouldn't own animals- they aren't disposable!

  • Whoa, the reason they put down demo is it is very expensive to treat it, and you don't know if going to generalize, be long term.

    But if that bothers you, how about my shelter that has put down the entire facility once over kennel cough. I was heart-sick.

    Many put down any they suspect of mange simply because of risks of either high treatment cost (demo) or infection (the rest). It's a shame, but I also understand the financial and other issues with shelters. If a dog has mange, likelihood of adopting less til healthy, takes up space/money/time they could use to place 2 or 3 or more dogs.

  • Ellusionz, do you have one of the puppies that were found in a rural GA shelter, rescued in GA and eventually moved to FL (with a Facebook page, "Help Save 6 Basenji Puppies!")?

    What is his name? Any pictures? 🙂

  • @Patty:

    Ellusionz, do you have one of the puppies that were found in a rural GA shelter, rescued in GA and eventually moved to FL (with a Facebook page, "Help Save 6 Basenji Puppies!")?

    What is his name? Any pictures? 🙂

    I was just wondering the same thing! I actually created that Facebook page after I got the idea from a pharaoh person trying to raise funds for a snakebit pharaoh hound. I can't believe how quickly it took off & how many people turned out & supported those pups!!!

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