• While looking for pet sitters boarding kennels I came across this - "Basenji's R us"… wish it wasn't on the complete other side of the world!


  • Wow, it looks like the Four Seasons of the doggie world! What a great sounding operation. I'm surprised someone hasn't come up with something similar in the U.S. or Canada.

  • There are good high end pet resorts here in the US just not catering just to basenjis. Check out the amenities at WAG, http://www.waghotels.com

  • If all boarding kennels were like this I'd be tempted to holiday mine there! My Basenjis have only once been away when we both had to go to a funeral - they caught kennel cough there and I've never left them any where but home since! This was at least 25 years ago!!

  • I feel that putting b's in boarding kennels with barking dogs cause them stress.
    I am not saying its bad, but I prefer to have my b's pet sitter live in when we are gone.
    Now if there was an "all basenji" kennel, I think that would be fine..

  • While I prefer that we have a pet sitter, I have to say, if you start young… then the barking dogs are not that much of a stress factor... if they get used to is... like at a dog show and you are a RV'er... barking dogs are the order of the day. I know that mine rarely react to barking.... in most cases. I think it is all what they are used to...

  • Yeah, I prefer to have a pet sitter as well - unfortunately we moved into a house without a fenced in yard - and I am just too paranoid of them escaping to let someone take care of them here. We also live next to a state park and there are a lot of coyotes. I got up to let Tayda out the other night around midnight and opened the door to a pack of coyotes howling! I've never heard that before! Pretty cool - but YIKES!

    Anyway, we are going on our honeymoon for 3 weeks (yay! but ugh, I HATE leaving my B's.) It really is the most stressful part of planning the Honeymoon) I found a kennel that is part of a large vet practice that I think will be a good place for them. Plus, with Tayda and her Fanconi needing 20+ pills per day I think it's good to have the vet practice right there in case something happens. They will undoubtedly be more stressed than if they were at home, but I think them being SAFE is worth a little stress.

    I was worried about the barking dog issue as well - I spent about an hour (on two different visits) at the kennel just hanging out and seeing how they do things and I was surprised at how quiet it was. The dogs would bark when we walked into the kennel area, and when we walked past their individual runs, but then we stood off in the corner talking about things and within a minute or two they all calmed down and it was completely quiet.

    Sigh…. it's stressful for us too... we're going to bring them there for a few hours a couple times over the next couple weeks - and then for a weekend while we stay local, before we go on the big trip. I really hope it all goes well. I have a few plan B's (no pun intended, lol) so we'll see what works out!

    Never easy leaving them!

  • For the past 12 years, until this past spring when we bought a house, we were fulltime RVers, so Maxx was with us all the time, thus we never had to board him.

    On our last trip to Alaska in 2001, we did have a dog walker come to walk Maxx when we were in Haines and took the fast ferry down to Juneau, a round trip of some 12 hours. We had hired her to walk Maxx a couple of times while we were gone, but she liked him so much, she walked him 4 or 5 times! 🙂

  • First Basenji's

    Hello Linda, was cruising through the Forum and here you are! Congrats on the new home. In case you don't remember me, I was looking for a B and you somehow responded then we spoke of the Rainbow Bridge…. I invited you to hook up your RV if you were ever in Fl. Anyway, the new boy I adopted is a Tri-and I noticed his left front leg is white just like Maxx's in his photos! Just too funny to see this! I just wanted to add as well, that if anyone in Fl has the need for an extended stay and cannot find a house sitter, I have boarded dogs in my 'front bedroom' that I dog proofed, and since I now have quite the friendly B, he would love to keep company with another I am sure! See my home page for an image since I cannot insert one in this Quick Reply!

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