• My favorite place to take my dogs is Cannon Beach Oregon.
    They have many hotel/motels that are pet friendly.
    They also have "off season" prices where you can sometimes get 2 night for the price of one.
    My idea of heaven.
    Plus the beach is 7 miles of wonderful sandy dog walking joy.
    Water is cold, so not much swimming going on, but even on the cold winter days, the b's love to snuggle down under the bed covers while I read a book and watch the waves.
    Good fun for all.

  • Sharron,
    You're from my "neck of the woods". Where in this area {Kitsap Peninsula, Cascades, etc} can we hike {Legally}with our dogs? Seems everything is "No pets" – state parks, county parks, federal parks. Sheesh!

    I'd love to take Jazz and Keoki up in the mountains, but can't figure out where we're good to go.

  • I wrote to my friend who hikes all over this state.
    Terriann sent the following note to me.
    Tell her to buy a copy of “Best Hikes with Dogs-Western Washington” by Dan A. Nelson, published by Mountaineers press. State Parks are always a NO Dogs Zone. Local parks also have that right, especially in children’s play areas and on beaches. My husband and I have done significant stretches of the Pacific Crest Trail in WA with ours if she wants longer distances.

    I don’t know how experience she is, or how her dogs are, but here are a few words of caution you may or may not choose to forward. Always have a first aid kit on hand with some extras that work well for both people and pets. Benadryl for allergic reactions is a MUST, duct tape, triple antibiotic cream, a full set of booties, water bowl, dog food, and a roll of Vet Wrap keep me comfortable that I can repair most messes that may arise. Also be aware that she may have to carry her dogs out if a major injury occurs, and to consider how that will be done even on a day trip. A 16 lb dog for 3 miles isn’t too bad but a 25+ lb on top of a 30 lb pack for days is a burden and a pain. She can always email me direct if she has more questions.


  • Sharron! Thanks!
    I'll look for a copy of the book. My family hikes a bit, but haven't taken the dogs out yet.
    LOL, we're always prepared to have to carry a kid back, so a dog should not be a problem. 😉
    Please tell Teriann thank you also.

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