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    Last year my husband and I took our two with us on our …. get this....ANNIVERSARY! Yes we did. Why not? they are with us in the bed, why not celebrating our anniversary. Anyway, we live in Southern California and last year we went to Cambria. Cambria is known for their wineries and many of their wineries are doggie friendly.

    This year (May) we are staying at Cambria Pines Lodge and then traveling to Santa Barbara where we'll be staying at Fess Parker. I'll keep you posted as how our stays went and let you know how the lodge fared. Fess Parker is a 5 star hotel and we've stayed there before and their service was excellent!


  • While not a place to stay, if you find yourself driving down I-65 near Montgomery AL (say to the Panhandle), the Peach Park is a great stop to stretch your legs. We traveled down with the kids and the dogs. They have a nice little walking trail, playground and a large grassy area to tie-down your B. Oh, plus some pretty darn good BBQ and cobbler! Peach Park is right off of the interstate.

  • There's a couple of resorts in Ocean City Maryland that we've got reservation for next summer Atlantic Resort and The Waves. I love the beach & looking forward to this place.

    We're also going to Hilton Head in Sept where they have not explicity said NO PETS so I'm hoping the "barkless" dogs stay true to form 🙂

    This will be a very useful thread for those of us who just can't part from the furbabies 😃

  • My husband and I honeymooned in Carmel, CA with our basenji Nicky. Carmel is a very dog friendly town. They have a beach that allows dogs and many dog friendly hotels. The place we stayed we had our own little cabin at the top of the hill leading to the beach. They would bring us breakfast and Nicky a dog biscuit every morning. There were also restaraunts that had special seating for dogs and even had a dog menu.

  • Do you know of any pet friendly hotels, Bed and Breakfast, restaurants or other animal friendly places? Please post them here, if we get enough of a response going for this thread hopefully it will get its own thread and our B's will get to see more of the world!

  • Very cool Bed and Breakfast that my husband and I have reservations for in June. The resort has a dog park, doggie day care, hiking and fun stuff for humans like Golfing packages and Massage packages. We plan on doing the Canoe outing with the dogs.

    Dog House Resort - A Bed & Breakfast for People and their Dogs

    P O Box 1594, Jefferson, NC 28640-1594

    Phone: 336-977-3582 or E-mail: reservations@dog-house-resort.com


  • This place in Mendocino, CA looks awesome


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