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Hi - We have a 6 mos old female, Layla. I started to look into Lure Coursing in our general geo area and also want to make sure we start it at a healthy safe age (making sure it doesn't result in too much stress for her still developing bones and muscles). Any input/wisdom is appreciated!

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We have this issue currently with our B, Layla. Our vet is concerned that it may not be the typical fatty deposit, but that her intestines may be part of the bump because the last time she saw Layla she couldn't push it back in. She suggested to get a test done (ultrasound) but they are crazy expensive, and that is just to find out. If the intestine is somehow involved, then it is a risk not to fix it as soon as we're able, so the vet says.

That said, we are planning to spay Layla anyway, but were going to wait until after her first heat, so not sure if it makes sense to do the test, and instead simply proceed to spaying her earlier than panned. But after reading this thread I am a bit relieved but also confused - so many opinions and experiences. Maybe we should get a new vet, though we've been happy with them so far and they were recommended by B breeders in the area.

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Hi all, we live in the Seattle area and have a 4.5 mos old B, Layla. We may need to travel via air and are discussing our options. We know we can take her in a carrier in the main cabin if it fits under the seat in front of us (Layla is 14 lbs now, and still growing of course, but she would fit). Each airline's rules are a bit different, but roughly its the same overall rules. We will not fly her in cargo. We received her from an out of state breeder via air travel and she was shipped in the pet cargo area at 8 weeks and we don't want her to repeat that experience, and we generally feel its not as safe as we would hope it would be.

My wife though suggested that perhaps there are groups that offer to watch each other's Basenjis as they are aware of the breed characteristics, etc. and that always helps ..... but not sure if this exists or how we would find such people. Really just looking for a kennel alternative, I suppose, if we decide not to fly her.

Thanks for any input or thoughts.

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