• The 4th of July is just around the corner and for those of us in the US, that means fireworks. They've already started in my neighborhood. So please keep that in mind when you take your pets out in the evening. I have not had a basenji that reacted to the fireworks, but many dogs often are very scared by them, to the point of running blind through/over fencing, etc. Stay safe.

    For those in France, read the above in about 10 days, if fireworks are used to celebrate Bastille day.

  • I hate fireworks, I am "happy" that in the Netherlands people are only allowed to have it around newyear, and are only allowed to fire it for about 24 hours or something like that, unfortunately most youth doesnt care and start firing it as soon as they are allowed to buy it ( only couple od days a year )
    I dont mind very nice fireworks, but those crackers etc, I hate those! and actually only one of my dogs is scared of it 😉

  • Thank goodness none of mine ever reacted to fireworks… could not care less.... but I have seen many a dog come unglued and get seriously hurt....

  • Luckily none of mine ever reacted to fire works or lightening. Even kids setting them off out in front they could care less. They never even react to sirens. I had a neighbor who's Schnauzer was just petrified on the 4th.

  • Fireworks can be a real problem for pets, our big dog max is terified. Our Basenji however wasn't bothered by them at all, like yours Pat. I honestly think he was too lazy to react, lol.

  • My Cody is terrified of any loud noise. So thunderstorms and fireworks really bother him. He paces around the house and makes a low squeaky/winey noise. He runs from windows to doors to see what it is. I have tried several time to pet him and calm he but it doesn't work He pace himself to exhaustion.

  • I've never had any issues like that with Kananga. Loud noises will startle him but he's not too bothered by them.

    The weird thing I notice is when I get text messages on my cell phone, he will instantly run over to me and start pacing with a faint whine. I wonder what he's hearing.

  • None of ours react to fireworks or thunder. We do work hard with our puppies to expose them to loud noises as they are growing so when they go to their new homes they think it is no big deal. I think it is important that they see the adults of the house think it is nothing to worry about. We are lucky to have Nicky who is great at modeling calm behavior during fireworks. His philosophy is to sleep when things are booming and has pretty much taught all of our basenjis to find a nice comfy place to sleep during fireworks and thunder storms.

  • I have only had my guy since November and tonight there was, what I think to be a precurser to the bangs of this weekend. I'm wondering. He shocked but I was able to calm him. Thunderstorms don't bother him and there have fairly loud noises before, I live near a highway, I just wonder about the fireworks???

    Sorry, didn't read all the other posts here. I'm hoping that Arleigh will be as non chalance as all the other basenjis here. Probabaly, but, just in case…distract,play, make fun, yes?!?!

  • Well, it's the 4th and folks around here have been setting off fireworks all day. Within the last hour it has gotten crazy, it's coming from all over, both small and, what I suspect to be illegal, large bangs. And the actual city fireworks have yet to start (most are at 10:00). Arleigh was starting to get a little nervous but I gave him a beef rib bone I had in the freezer and he's okay for now. Hope he doesn't finish it too quickly, there's bound to be lots more noise, and louder, to come.

  • My 2 dogs don't react, but I feel so very sorry for the animals that do.
    I hope you all had a very safe 4th of July.

  • Gossy did well last evening - mostly took all the noise in stride (my previous basenjis didn't like the noise at all) thank goodness.

  • Ah, another reason I love the mountain country life!
    No fireworks.

    Years ago my mother was pet sitting for my dog while I was on vacation over the 4th. The dog escaped and ran away because of fireworks. My mother's comment, "Good grief, it was only a dog!" That was more than 20 years ago and I can still remember my heartbreaking when I learned my dog was gone and my mother was so callous. I never found the dog.

  • we had one that was terrified and one that couldnt care less. thank goodness they are over so jonny can go out for potty breaks. man can he hold it when he wants. he will walk thru rain storms and thunder and lightning dont bother him but fire works and hunters (that are very far away) drive him NUTS. :0

  • Houston

    Otis and Bana did Ok, once I took them outside and showed them the fireworks..even my yappy non-B's calmed down once they saw the culprit of all the noise. We stayed out there until it was all dobe after that the dogs went peacefully to bed. I understand there worry/anger/fear though, since it is loud and they don't know what is loud..

  • What a terrible thing to have happened Vicki 😞

  • I wish they would only allow the public displays, and not have the loud bombs in the suburbs..
    Sigh…but don't think that will happen.
    I just feel so sorry for folks who have horses..my friends have to stay out all night with the stock they have, just to keep them calm.

  • Houston

    I agree with you Sharron, it ought to be enough if they only let those big displays go off. I can't even envision what all the wild aimals are going through, we are so busy making sure our pets are Ok.

  • Paxton just kept running down the stairs to the door and back up again only to perch at the top and yodel for a minute. He seemed to be amused by the noise. Last year I don't remember him reacting at all to them.

  • We lived in Davis for many years where there is only the public display but you can hear the mortars they use pretty much everywhere in town. We have been in Ventura for past couple of years for dog shows and they also only have public displays but they also have several shows within a 10 mile or so radius and the mortars are clearly audible.

    My husband and I strive to expose our puppies to lots of noises when they are here. We get the holiday poppers and watch loud action movies with the surround sound on so the pups learn it is no big deal, just everyday kind of things because you just never know when they may be exposed to loud noises again.

    Some people say they have good results playing the loud action movies on the 4th so that by the time the fireworks start the dogs just think it part of the show.

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