• I'm going to be traveling for work for 3 days next week and need someone to help take care of her…I can bring her to the hotel but I would only be able to come back during lunch during the work day...I called one place (recommended by my vet)...and they said she gets 3 walks about 15-20min long but other than that...she'll be in a kennel...is it good for her to be in a kennel for long periods of time? She's only 13 weeks

  • Can you get a dog sitter? I have dog walkers who also do overnight visits, and they are great! When I have to be away, someone is here with my guy all night, he gets a walk in the morning, someone is here at lunch time for an hour plus another walk, then if I am away more than one day she comes back at 4 p.m., walks him again, and stays overnight. Works great. Maybe someone in your area does something similar??

  • How about your breeder?…
    If not.. then a sitter that stays at your house

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