• even two months later it pains me to write that my dear omar passed away from end stage liver disease just two weeks before his christmas day 7th birthday. i have never felt that sad and numb before.
    we were so lucky to have that basenji beast for even the brief time we did…and we thoroughly embraced & adored the totality of his basenjiness ~ our only complaint was he didn't baroo enough!
    he was the king of the neighbourhood..enjoying as many walks a day as he could pester us into, lounging at the local dog friendly bars & restaurants..or just people watching out the window from his custom built perch.
    there are a million memories that i will cherish forever & nearly a million photos of him to give colour to those memories.
    he was my omi, my poochliepoodlehead, my bunnie, my scooter simpson, my poo head, my love.
    the heart & the home have been yearning for some basenji love. yielding to the pleasure and not the pain we decided to bring another basenji boy into our lives sooner then later. so this sad story has an agreeable ending. in two weeks we pick up male no. 3, as of yet unnamed.
    it is with a tinge of basenji owner trepidation and a tad of new baby jitters that we enthusiastically puppy proof our apartment! it feels good to be on this side of the full circle. sweet dreams little buddy ~ i can't wait to see you again!

  • I am so sad to read this. 7 is way too young. Please know you're in my thoughts/prayers. I am certain that Omar will be there guiding your new pup into basenji mischief just to let you know he's still there.

  • Houston

    I am so sorry to hear of Omar and of your pain of losing him….my condolences...

  • Does anyone know the exact make and model of the shotgun Omar Little uses? And if so, is that the same make/model shotgun that Michael is seen using in the final episode?

  • I lost Sayblee at 7, so I understand the stunning ache of not only losing but losing so young. Because of finances, we waited over a year to get Cara and having her has helped so much. She will never replace the Sayblee shaped hole in my heart, but she certainly has expanded my heart so it doesn't feel so empty. I am glad you are getting your boy soon. Hugs and tears and joy all shared.

  • I'm very sorry to hear about Omar….

  • So sorry to hear about Omar…. your new pup will help in the healing! Who is your new pup coming from?

  • I'm so sorry to hear of Omar's early passing. But I truly believe he has been the one to put into motion a new basenji in your home. I have personally experienced a cherished pet (my angel child Barney) passing away at a time when I would still be able to work with my breeder to get a new puppy. To me, that is not a coincidence - it is Omar and Barney showing us, with their love, that they will not pass over the Rainbow Bridge without making sure that we will have another friend to give our love to and to make the house a home again. My thoughts are with you, and I look forward to hearing about your new basenji, and of course seeing pictures.

  • So sorry for your loss, we lost our Tasha to liver cancer at the young age of 12, I had never lost one so young before or so painfully. I can't fathom how I would feel to lose one at age 7.

  • My condolences - what a young age to lose omar but of course at any age it would have been as hard. I'm sure he is running free now and watching over you.

  • I am so very sorry. We lost one at 9 and it was heartbreaking, 7 is way too young to lose a part of your heart. But like basenjis, we must be forward looking…as you are...and follow your heart. RIP Omar, he was a very handsome boy.

  • many thanks for all of your kind words and sharing your personal stories of loss. they make me feel less pathetic for being an emotional mess over this.
    and more excited about bring home the new pooch. who we will be picking up near boston from jemba basenji in one week!!! I have some photos to upload and will start his forum experience soon.

  • I don't see that the sire and dam were DNA tested for Fanconi? Were the pups tested? There is Fanconi in the pedigree of both the sire and dam.

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