No one warned me about…

  • … puppy farts!:eek::eek::eek:

  • hahahahahaha, the opposite of 'puppy breath'!

  • oh, yeah…..I guess we should have mentioned that....

  • hahhaa, I have not experienced basenji puppy farts but my great dane used to make us run out of the house!!!!!!!

  • soo stinky! and suki's are loud. and every time, she is so shocked that she jumps up and looks at her butt in disbelief! cracks me up every time.

  • there is a movie, A Very Long Engagement, that has a line "Doggy farts gladens the heart". I have no idea why - either the why of the line or sentiment. But the movie is very, very good. Lots of twists and turns, but it has an overall sweetness that never goes over the top. I've actually seen it twice, which is a rarity for me.

  • Trog is 5 and still has bad farts, none of my others do

  • First Basenji's

    Mojo has the puppy farts too. Every time he chases his butt- runs in circles trying to figure out what just happened! It's the funniest thing…..

  • First Basenji's

    Oh man, Cody is 5 too, and his farts wake me up in the middle of the night. When he was on Taste of the Wild Wetlands formula, his were the worst, and loud! He would startle a bit and then look at his butt like he was trying to figure out what happened.

  • @crystalncody:

    When he was on Taste of the Wild Wetlands formula, his were the worst, and loud!

    Kipawa is on Taste of the Wild Bison with a bit of Taste of the Wild Salmon mixed in. His farts are the 'SBD' type - silent but deadly. Most of the time they happen when he is napping. But if they happen when he is awake, he does not acknowledge them at all. Sneaky little character! 🙂

  • First Basenji's


    Here's a confession: "Bowpi" is a homophone in Mandarin Chinese for "Precious Toot," as in fart. That's what my boyfriend originally wanted to name her, because he thinks dog farts are amusing and humorous (the number of comments that have been generated here would support his claim). I was kind of horrified, especially since the character for "fart" in Chinese is the same as "butt" and has the corpse radical... but he started calling her that so much that she began to respond to it, so I found another character that's pronounced the same way but means "companion" instead -- and a much more elegant character!

    Yes, dog farts are amusing just as fart jokes are universally appreciated. Heh heh heh.

  • I drop one of these little probiotic pearls in Buddy's food 1x per day. He rarely ever has gas.

  • A teaspoon of yogurt can sometimes help with gas.

    Added: Oops I just saw the post above mine. Great minds…...:)

  • I truly believe in fastrack… helps gut health, stops gas. 🙂

  • O Lord!!! If you didn't start this thread then I would have…. I have never smelt such smells :eek:

  • @Chealsie508:

    O Lord!!! If you didn't start this thread then I would have…. I have never smelt such smells :eek:

    Really something, eh Chealsie? 🙂 Kipawa does his while he is sleeping beside me on the couch. I wind up saying to my husband "oh my God, what a smell"! Darrel answers that he can't smell anything. Then I think to myself "yeah, give it a few seconds". Then Darrel groans loudly and expresses that our living room smells like a human waste disposal treatment plant.

    Dan, those look interesting. I'll consider them if things get too unbearable. Right now, the farts are a source of entertainment (yea, I know, what boring lives we must lead).

  • sure is! I read this the first day I got Oakley and he hadn't done it yet and I was thinking to myself…"it can't be that bad!".....but o boy, yes it can! Kipawa, Oakley too is on a mix of the Taste of the Wilf Bison with the Salmon mixed in and he has the "SBD" type too, and when he is napping...which is conveniently on my lap. It is beyond words!

  • LOL CAUTION DO NOT LIFT UP THE COVERS. Einstein slept with us….surprise....oh man, he would stink himself out. We knew it was him when he'd crawl out from under the covers, sniff, shake, and lay back down on top of the covers. 'LiL Stinker doesn't even begin to describe him and his stinky hiney. 🙂
    Pam "PJ"

  • LOL ewww, sorry kids but if mine were gassy they wouldn't be in my bed. I'd be fast tracking fast. Every since Dustin Hoffman was on a talk show and said his wife makes him get out of bed to fart because she said it was simply aerated feces, I can't get it out of my head.

  • So far if Shaye farts, we don't seem to notice, so it can't be often, or very bad, or else she's elsewhere. Gemma on the other hand, gets all quiet, slinks out of the room, and pretty soon everyone in the room wants to run, it's sooooooooo bad! When it happens in the car, we have been known to pull off the road and exit the vehicle!

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