Went to see the puppies today

  • and let me tell you, they are getting so big!! I am telling you that my little boy knows that he is mine because he was the first to come over and want to be on my lap and throughout the visit always came back to me… come to find out I can pick him up on Saturday at noon instead of Sunday so I am even more excited knowing that. It was hard to leave him...I just wanted to scoop him up! And just an update, both of his ears are still floppy...I will be continuing his calcium pills once he gets home in hopes that it will help them perk up ( although they do seem to be perking a little). After observing them both his breeder and I came to same conclusion that he is a very "middle of the road" puppy in terms of temperment and disposition which is what I want. Much to my dismay he is not a vocal puppy, all but him seem to yodel or baroo, but maybe that will change..5 more sleeps and I am a mommy.YAY

  • Photos please…when you get him.

  • I will take tons!! and post them immediately

  • Houston

    Jipppea..so happy for you…can't wait to see his pretty little face in pictures.

  • I am very excited for you! You are both in for lots of joy, craziness and fun.

  • Very exciting!!

  • I so look forward to seeing your puppy.

    Is a calcium supplement really necessary?

  • Patty, he is on it now and floppy ears can be a sign of low calcium…nothing serious but the tabs help. I dont consider it to be harmful...especially in a growing puppy. I wouldn't consider doing it on my own if it wasnt suggested

  • Make the most of those 5 sleeps. Being a new Mommy is a tough job!

  • Thanks for the advice Lenora, you are very right…even though I am excited I shouldn't wish my nights of uninterrupted sleep away!!

  • @Lenora:

    Make the most of those 5 sleeps. Being a new Mommy is a tough job!

    Now that is a fact….:D

  • Very interesting about flloppy ears being a sign of low calcium, Thank you Chealsie.

  • four more nights 😃 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • just an FYI everyone….I am probably going to gloat like this until he gets here...I am too excited not to

  • heh congrats! you have a right to 😃

  • How exciting for you Chealsie508.

    I would like to comment on the old wives tale about calcium.
    Supplementing a puppies diet with extra calcium in the hope that it will build up the ear cartilage is not scientifically or biochemically valid. Adding calcium above the usual balance of that mineral in the diet has actually been shown to cause growth problems in some dogs. Do not add calcium to the diet in the misguided hope that it will strengthen the cartilage.

    EVERY PUPPY IS DIFFERENT. For example, the two extremes of my native imported pups were my boy's ears were standing straight up when he was ~10 weeks old; and one of my females had one ear flopping until she was ~5 months old. But, it did go up on its own and stayed up. So, look at your pups pedigree and don't sweat it.

    As I have come to understand, the general rule is that if the ears are standing or have been standing by between 3-5 months (the time teething starts), they will come back up after the adult teeth are in.

    Yes, calcium is one of the building blocks of cartilage growth. The body uses calcium as needed and when teeth and bone growth are developing, the calcium isn't being used for nonessentials like the cartilage at the base of the ear frame.
    Supplementing calcium is NOT a good idea and can actually be harmful. Be forewarned that most over-the-counter calcium supplements are NOT absorbed by the body and are a waste of money and time. With calcium that is absorbed, too much is given. Calcium will settle in joints when there is too much in the body, setting your pup up for bone spurs, hip problems, arthritis and other problems when they are older.
    If you really feel that you need to do something, provide natural calcium found in bones.

    I would strongly advise that you talk this over with your veterinarian.
    To be fair, you really need to give your dog until the age of 8-9 month range before you even think about the ears.

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