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  • How sweet love those pink little toes and nose aaah getting puppy fever:D
    He´s born on the same day as my little Efia so at the end of January you´ll be getting your baby boy 🙂

  • I KNOW!! sooooooooooo cute…can I wait until January is the REAL question!!!

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  • Your in for some exciting times…do keep us updated with photos, once your b comes home.

  • How about the almighty Ra or Ramses both names of might and power suitable for a handsome lad:D

  • Or Anubis the god with a dog´s head.

  • I hate to be the person to rain on the parade but neither of the parents have any health testing. Looking at the pedigree there is most definitely Fanconi risk with Akuaba's Tornado, a known Fanconi Affected, on both sides of the pedigree. I also recommend looking at Sally's database.

  • If I were you I would think twice… the sire of that litter is line bred 3 times to a Fanconi affected dog (Ch Akuaba's Tornado)... and not DNA tested... the bitch is also from that same dog, again not Fanconi DNA either... you are really taking a chance on a pup from a sire and dam that are not health tested. I hate to say it, but you are really playing with fire... and Tornado, call name Nate, has produced lots of Fanconi... along with the fact that he was affected and die from it....
    Check out the sire and dam on OFA site (www.offa.org))… there is no health testing

  • I have to say I'm surprised that this wasn't a red flag in your research. Especially with our harping on it here…..

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  • The glucose test is just strip testing and only tells whether the dog is symptomatic right now. The parents should have been tested via the marker test prior to breeding. Since this is the second time the parents have been bred since the release of the DNA Marker test in July 2007, this should have been done over a year ago.

  • Oh, you really do need to rethink this, and do more homework.
    I had a basenji boy with fanconis and I can tell you, for my family, it was a hard thing indeed.

  • I totally understand. Urgggg…This is getting so frustrating! I just spoke to my mom and she is pretty upset that Sharon (her friend) didn't know Joy hasn't Fanconi tested until now. I thought for sure I had an honest person, I guess some people can really make themselves up... Id love for any advice on some know and respected Breeders you might know of. We are looking for a Domestic Red and White for a Family Pet. Unless they live withing a few hours of Eastern Connecticut, we need someone willing to ship. I know it is late in the year for deposits, and we are likely not to get a litter at this point, but I hope we still have a chance...Please if you have any recommendations we are all ears! Thanks!

  • Pat and Lisa can privately give you the word on breeders who test and are respected.
    I sure would listen to them.
    Take your time, basenji ownership is for life.
    And for a beloved pet, you want one who will be with you for a LONG time.

  • Sorry, who is pat and lisa, lol…

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  • A starting point would be the BCOA Breeder Directory.

    If the breeder has a website check out if they have the parents listed and check for yourself on the OFA website that they have been tested.

    I know some breeders have some older puppies still available. This has been posted before but they have two boys listed and health info on the parents so here it is again,
    Tammen Basenjis - http://www.tammensbasenjis.com/

  • @Capt_Jack_our_Basenji:


    Anyone know anything about this Family? Thanks

    I think it is a MAJOR red flag to see on a website that "Puppies can be Fanconi Tested for $100 extra to the puppy owner" The test only costs $65 so this means that they are charging an extra $35 that is going into their pocket on top of the price of the puppy.

  • Wow! Okay Thank You!

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