What is the typical price for a Basenji puppy and to an adult around?

I'm not sure there is a typical price but when I was researching three years ago I noticed a lot of breeders charging approx. 1000$ for a puppy. I know my breeder charges the same price for an adult but u know of others who charge differently.

I only ask b/c Ive notice the price range is for puppies are $900, while if you look at re-homing/ rescue an adult the fee is about $3-400…I would really love to raise a puppy to call it my own...not sure I can afford a $900 puppy. And also i will be a first time dog owner as well...Will I be able to handle an adult? Are the BRAT Rescues pretty good matchmakers for B's and owners? Any thoughts and advice will be well appreciated!

Sometimes adults are a better fit. Especially for a first time dog owner. Puppies are cute but require being constantly watched! You have to housebreak them and make sure tey don't chew everything, and these little guys want a taste of everything! You may be able to find a retired show dog who would fit happily into your life.

From what I've seen (well bred) basenji puppies range from $900-$1500 depending on show quality. Like Krunzer said, puppies are cute but are A LOT of work. I've raised 2 basenjis and 2 goldens and while a lot of it is the same.. the basenjis seem to discover new ways to be mischievous that my goldens would never have dreamed of doing. Be prepared to replace many MANY things because odds are they will destroy them! Elliot isn't a climber but my last one was so even things high up on tables and counters were not safe from him. My current B is 10 months and going though the "I forgot every good behavior you taught me" phase. This includes trying to jump off the table at shows to play with the other dogs and the judge @______@.

Now that I've strayed away from the topic..
A BRAT, rescue or retired show dog might be the best fit for you! I know of several breeders who will sell their retired show dogs because they simply can't keep them all. Before I got my first B I looked into purchasing a finished champion to learn how to show dogs with but ended up with a puppy.

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