Pippin's first week

Well..Pippin has been with us for a whole week and he is doing swell.
He has melted into the family dynamic wonderfully and is standing his own ground with the other dogs and cat. As far as with us humans…he has stolen our hearts completely..

Here are some pics from his first week here...

Snuggling with Sofia on the couch,

Laying with Lukas on the other couch,

Playing with Moses,

…and outside...

Petra, those are beautiful pictures of the new addition to your family! It looks like he is blending in very well, and we can obviously see that he is incredibly loved. Keep the pictures coming. I'm so happy you finally have him. 🙂

Beautiful Pics. So cute, and so loved.
I love the cute tiny ears.

I can't wait until Peggy comes home!


He is so cute!! What a lovely pup!!!


Belated congrats on little Pippin! He is very cute and intelligent-looking pup.

Can't wait to get mine!

Wonderful pictures! Pippin is so handsome! What an adorable face.. More pics please!!!

btw.. your brother looks nice too 😃 😉

Pippin looks like he's settled in realy well, i love his blaze.


Thank you all…he is truly a gem..
The other dogs play with him so well, I really feel they have bonded very well..

btw.. your brother looks nice too

I think that is why they both had such a pleasant flight…hehe..:)

He is just stunning, and looks so happy 😃

I am not sure what is cuter, the pup or your kids! What a wonderful home this pup has lucked into, so much love. Great happy pictures, thank you for sharing!

completely adorable, congrats

Wonderful baby and it's so nice to see the family enjoying him.

So verrryyy cute!!!!

I love his wrinkes and those puppy expressions are priceless!!!:)


btw.. your brother looks nice too 😃 😉

+1 ;):D:o

Pippin is a doll! He looks like he is totally fitting in with all of your family. You must be delighted that you finally have him. The wait was worth it, right?


the wait, the worry about him coming from Sweden, the anticipation…it was soo worth it ..he is a true delight.
My kids love him and my pack accepts him as one of them, a very annoying "one of them"...

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Pippin is such a cutie! Im happy you finally got him! He does look like hes fitting in quite nicely. Gorgeous pictures too!

He is totally adorable, and those are very charming pictures of him and his loving new family!

Katy Scott

Pippin is such a little cutie - and your children are beautiful! So happy everyone is fitting in well together.

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