Ayla's first point

Ayla is Sherwood's Jedi Master. She was bred by myself and is owned by Steph and Chris Johnson and myself and was handled by me. Ayla has had a couple of bad experiences in the show ring but we plan to get her back in the ring this Spring.


Nice Robyn..congratulations to all of you.

Congratulations to Ayla and yourself.

I think your points system has been explained before but can you repeat it please, Robyn.

Not Robyn but this is the best way to explain it…. and it changes for different parts of the country and amount of dogs shown...


Congratulations, she is very lovely.

pretty little girl - how old is she?

She was born January 1, 2009. Since she was the only surviving puppy in that litter I repeated the breeding. The two males I have listed in the Basenjis For Sale Or Wanted section, Rainie and Spot, have the same parents as Ayla.

Thank you for the link explainig the points system, Pat, I've printed it off - I find it much eaier to digest from the printed page - must be a symptom of age!

Lovely girl.

Yeah Ayla! Hopefully her ring experiences in the future are much better.

Lovely girl, and congrats.

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