• Aries has some sort of neurological problem. Either a stroke or head trauma. They gave her steroids to decrease inflammation, and said to watch her tonight. If no improvement by tomorrow, it is off to the Veterinary Specialty Center for a brain scan.
    Symptoms are that she is off-balance, can't shake, and wobbles and falls. The vet says the symptoms suggest a stroke or trauma to the cerebellum.
    She is resting comfortably tonight. She is 12 years old.
    Has anyone been through this with their basenji.


  • Houston

    Nicole. I have never been through this but wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you tonight. Keeping her in my thoughts and prayers.

  • It sounds similar to vertigo….which could be either a symptom or a result...so I'm not much help but that is what came to mind. Thinking of you and Aries, I hope all goes well

  • in people, this can also be an inner ear problem. and also, have you visited the southwest lately? rare cases of cocci have foregone the lungs and gotten in the brain. but it's unlikely that you've been exposed to that if you've not been in the southwest deserts.
    anyway, i hope they can figure it out. thoughts are with you both!

  • no help in the ideas, but sending healing thoughts

  • It really sounds like Vestibular Disease,

  • Nothing from me other than good luck Nicole. Well wishes for Aries.

  • Sending good wishes your way.

  • Have never heard of it but I hope She gets better soon..

  • I don't have experience of this with Bs but last year both my GSD and BC had similar symptoms. They also had a slight head tilt and their eyes would dart back and forth very quickly. The vet told me it was most likely Vestibular Syndrome - sometimes to refered to as a stroke, but has, in fact, no connection with the strokes that humans suffer. I was given antibiotics to rule out any inner ear infection. The area which is affected by VS is extremely close to the inner ear so symptoms are easily mixed up. The only real cure for VS is time. 10 months on, both my dogs still have slight head tilts but are reasonably fit and healthy otherwise. I was told that gently massaging the back of the neck may help as it will increase the flow of blood to the brain.
    I do hope Aries is OK. Keep us informed of her progress.

  • @lvoss:

    It really sounds like Vestibular Disease,

    Exactly what I would have said.

  • They didn't mention vestibular disease, but it does sound a lot like it. No REM, or nystagmus, but her eyes looked bugged, and a little different than usual, more dull. The vet did mention that she was pretty sure whatever happened was cerebellar.
    I will ask about it when I call today.

    Aries was on crate rest last night, and rested comfortably. Today she seems a little unsteady, but much better than yesterday.
    Do steroids help with vestibular disease?

    Thanks for all of the information!


  • I actually just experienced this with my dog. We have a 14yr old c0cker spaniel mix who was very unstable with a head tilt. She wouldn't eat for three days and was vomiting. We thought she couldn't balance because of her lack of nutrition I never thought to look at her eyes. I took her to work and the doctor was worried about her not eating. He did an exam and sure enough when he looked at her eyes they would move back and forth. She was diagnosed with Vestibular Disease. He said she might have a middle ear infection but he wasn't as sure. He gave her Famotidine (Pepcid) To help her stomach. Cerenia to help with vomiting and Clavamox (antibiotic) for possibility of ear infection. After two days of treatment and force feeding she was slowly eating Hills A/D on her own. She now eats more food and i looked at her eyes again and they werent as bad. She is still a little unstable but at least shes eating and she actually barked at the door yesterday which was a great sign she was getting back to normal.

    I dont know if this case is VD. From what your saying i would agree with your vet. I also liked what tlish said and the vet told me time was the only cure also

  • Vestibular disease sprang to my mind too. I remember someone on another forum had to take a dog she was caring for to the emergency vet with similar symptoms and they were convinced it was a stroke. However it did turn out to be vd.
    I hope whatever Aries has is treatable and that she recovers quickly.

  • They said it could be vestibular disease, or a stroke, and the only
    way to differentiate those would be a CT scan, but the treatment would
    be the same, so it isn't worth putting her through.
    I have to go pick up steroids that she will be on for a little over a
    week, and crate rest for a week.

    I really hope she will be okay. She seems better this morning, but
    is staying in her crate rather than following me around, so I told the
    vet about 70% better.

  • Lets hope it's vestibular disease which is preferable to a stroke. Hopefully with the treatment she will improve, sending get well vibes to Aries.

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