• Deleted… doesn't need to be here.

  • Definately sounds like this person needs help, Debra. Your right it is vile.

  • Debra, sorry you had to be subjected to such ridiculous, rotten words. Try to let them roll off your shoulders, because someone like this does not deserve any of your energy.

  • that type of email only deserves the delete button. Few of us on this forum know each other personally, for someone to send you that type of vile tirade shows they are seriously unbalanced. I would report it to your local police office. You are outspoken on this forum (as are many, me occasionally included) and i definately dont always agree with you, but thats what a forum is for - to share experience and opinions. And long may it continue.
    Hopefully the moderators can find out of that email address is used on this forum and get them banned.

  • Actually, they sent 6 more but hit spam and deleted. I don't let it bother me, just find it really pathetic. You don't like someone on a message board, mute them. To let anyone get under your skin so much you send the kind of vile stuff that poor sick person wrote… to be so sick you don't even realize you are letting someone control you when you give them the power to make you that enraged and show such lack of class... well it is sad.

    While this is the only animal forum I am on other than private groups, and it is likely someone from here for that reason... I did have a stalker a couple of years ago. But after hate filled letters it did a new routine. Honest, I want that stalker back. It went on dozens of sites and signed me up for free stuff. Okay I didn't need the condom or lube, but the rest were pretty nifty stuff I used or shared.

    I suspect the person wanted me to be afraid they knew where I lived... but for crying out loud, I am a public person. I have bred dogs, involved in rescue, on donation lists. Not even listed private in phone book. Someone with intelligence of an amoeba can get my address. I am not hiding, lol. Anyway that stalker was great! I shared all the info with my email list so they too could get the freebies. 🙂

  • Oh, how lovely…! Crazy person, delete button for sure!

    I occasionally recieve crazy, nasty emails related to my dogs show wins (yes, people are that pathetic!!) and they just make me laugh before hitting the delete button! Its not worth even bothering yourself about.

  • i'm so glad you can laugh about it! what else can you do? what a sad little person… i feel pity for him/her.

  • You're right this is just laughable and says more about the writer than about you.

    I hope the writer can be traced, but he/she is most probably a lurker on this forum. Some peopel get their pleasure in most peculiar ways. I do hope that they haven't got Basenjis (or any pets come to that).

  • Debra, I agree with Patty. It's got to be a lurker type because even though people on this site disagree with each other at times, there's never nastiness involved. Most of us don't know each other but we agree on one thing, we're all basenji lovers. Somebody out there needs some psych help. Don't let it get to you. Lenora (also down south)

  • I would agree that it is a lurker…. as everyone knows on this Forum, I am not shy about my opinion and have no problems posting it public...

  • I am so sorry this "person" attacked you in this way. We all can, and often do disagree, but how can we learn, if not given a different point of view.
    The person who posted to you is very disturbed. I am sorry you had to take that into your computer.

  • Thank you all. I hope it's a lurker, but puppymillers also not so happy with me so who knows.

  • @DebraDownSouth:

    Thank you all. I hope it's a lurker, but puppymillers also not so happy with me so who knows.

    How would a lurker get your email address? One has to go through the admin to email someone.

  • Some how I doubt this came from that email address. This Elsa person writes children books, and sadly, the person who wrote that email lacks any understanding of the english language and proper punctuation.
    This reeks of an immature hack job… However it might also be a case of a damn good editor lurking in the background of her book writing career...

  • Houston

    Wow, that is scary. What a loon. Delete and move on. If it keeps up I would contact police and their cyber division..just so you have a record of contacting them, should it escalate, heaven forbid.

  • Actually, getting my email is pretty easy. 🙂 Since most my ownline, including photobucket and youtube use "DebraDownSth" it's easy for anyone.

    Person sent 7 more today lol. Delete. Though I did forward the 2 most vile ones to AOL to ask why account not shut down.

  • someone has way too much time on their hands :S i really hope that isnt an adult sending you those emails, yeesh!

  • Here is something just as bad. This morning I got an email from someone who is petitioning the Canadian government regarding old age security. I have no idea who this person is, so I sent a reply back (oh oh, hope that was not a bad pc thing to do). But someone sending me something about old age security is downright depressing!

  • ROFLMAO, Fran. I never respond to stuff like that for fear I will get on a mailing list sell for spam.

  • LOL it's still at it, this time attacking Arwen. Really sad pathetic life.

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