• well, i finally have myself a little basenji puppy. after a change in life circumstances, i went for three and a half long years without a dog… but now i am all settled and decided it was time for a puppy again. ai ai ai!!! their cuteness must do something to alter your brain into forgetting what a TON of work they are. my little girl has some bad behaviors to work on, but that will straighten out in time. she may make me slightly crazy, but overall, she is such a joy and such a good snuggler. love her to pieces!

    so, just wanted to introduce myself and my four-month-old little girl, suki! i'm so glad this forum is here, both for lots of good information and plain 'ol commiserating! ha!

  • hello Tlish and Suki - big welcomes! And pictures? I'd love to see pictures of your little princess!

  • Welcome to you and Suki! Pictures would be great…. 😉 🙂

  • Houston

    Welcome to both of you..yes pictures please, let us see you adorable little Suki.

  • Congrats on your new puppy. Who did you get your puppy from? Many of us are related by our Basenjis

  • thanks for the welcomes!

    here are some pix of my darling girl.

  • Yep cuteness overload! Welcome and congrats on your pup!

  • Welcome to you and the cute little Suki.

  • She is a 'Compudog' - computer dog! She is such a pretty little girl!

  • Welcome to you both. Suki looks a bundle of mischief!

  • she's totally mischievous! and she loves the computer (and chews on it!) - i was playing basenji yodeling for her on youtube! she also will intently watch the tv for a long time before falling asleep. she just cracks me up.

  • so goregous! I love her colours. Congrats!

  • Welcome to you and Suki! Very cute pictures, !!! basenjis are so cool , that you forget all the trouble!!!

  • Welcome.. can I ask who you got your b from? Some of us are related by dogs!

  • i don't know who she was bred by, but i'm guessing probably puppy mill, realistically. she was a nearly 4-month-old trapped in the pet store window/cage - eeew! she kept getting discounted and discounted, and when i took her out to play, there was no turning back. she was like a little alligator - constantly running around, then chomping down and taking a bite at you if you tried to hold her or pet her or even get close. i knew there was no way anyone was going to take her home, so i did. i know that just perpetuates things, but there she was, already born and suffering, and i just couldn't stand it. so now we're working on the alligator mouth and the peeing whenever we feel the urge… pet store issues. but, she's doing very well - 90% reliable on the house training and just typical puppy mouthing while she's teething. she's a total snuggle bug, so i guess i did the right thing by us, but i know it's not ideal.

    anyway, long justification made short, her parental details are above. let me know if you know anything about them. they are listed in the database, and one of her grandparents is a fanconi possible carrier, which is a little scary. and her joints crack sometimes like people's, which i've never heard in a dog before. but, i'm going to hope for the best, and keep a close eye on her.

  • Looks like a lot of joy and trouble thrown in for seasoning! Typical B. Congrats. Cannot live without at least one dog.

  • you can certainly get her tested for fanconi. it's a bit of holding your breath until the results come back, but it is important information for you to have. I'd also suggest that you find a positive family dog type class and enroll her. Often puppy mill dogs have a poor start in life and can be lacking in, uhm, social graces shall we say? Really a good family dog class is a great thing for anyone. (By family dog class, I mean a class that has a goal of making your pup a good family member more than precision obedience, but it should also cover obedience basics.)

    And yes it can be hard to resist a cute puppy face. Thankfully I've never seen a basenji in a petstore.

  • You for sure want to get her tested as the only dog in her entire pedigree was tested and that as you said is a Carrier.

  • First Basenji's


    Suki rhymes with cutie (well, no, but it should).

    I've found this forum to be a wonderful resource for those of us with B's but without a good breeder to consult. Enjoy!

  • thanks, everyone. yes, i definitely plan on getting her tested. i actually started another thread for that last night to make sure i've got the process down correctly. i hate medical stuff - it always freaks me out! i'm already nervous about her spay next month… poor baby. it's so sad to see them hurting after they recover from the surgery. imagine how long it takes women to recover from a hysterectomy, but for dogs, they just have to go home they same day. i made sure to schedule for a friday so i'd be home with her over the weekend.

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