Help! - Basanji restless, pacing and acting scared

  • It does sound like an allergy reaction to me.
    Hopefully, he will do better once the benedryl kicks in.
    Do let us know how it goes.

  • It could be stress due to move, it could be… as others said... carpet chemicals.

    I have used Benedryl on my dogs for 30 yrs I suppose... while no one can say it can't cause a reaction, I have never in my life heard of one. I actually do a dose, 2nd in 4 hrs, then every 8 hours.

    The breathing can be pain or stress. Check his gums and make sure nice and pink. White gums would indicate internal bleeding.

  • He is doing much better …..i think. The isane head shaking and pacing is not there anymore. But he still is not sleeping just laying down with eyes open. But much less stressed .....................thank god........i thought i lost him last night. Hopefully this night everything will go smoothly.

    All the floors in this apt are hardwood, so no carpet chemicals. it could be the move stress but he seemed ok and not stressed. I am thinking it is bug bite allergy.

    His gums are nice and pinl and when i press the boold is filling back hopefully is rapid breathing is not pain realted. Wicsh me luck tonight is the toughest time. i will keep u posted. 🙂

  • I pray that things are on the up now and that tomorrow will find him much improved.

  • Is he at home alone during the day? Could there be something going on in another apt. or outside that is stressing him out? Perhaps there is some kind of loud noise, banging, lawn mowing, repairman, etc. When I lived in an apt. in Houston, the neighbor upstairs was babysitting and the door was constantly being opened and closed loudly. It vibrated the walls. I did not know this until I was home ill all day. It was worse than any motel the dogs and I ever stayed at.


  • Hi everyone….... very very glad and thrilled to inform that sunny is back to his normal self today. It was an allergy reaction and the depo shot did not work much.

    I stay at home , so he is with me all day , no loud noises. It could be that he is a little stressed out with the new accomodations, but now he is better.

    Thanks everyone all the prayers, advice and support. THOS FORUM ROCKS

  • WHEW! Glad he is okay!

  • Cheers to both of you for making it through a bit of a rough patch. Hopefully you will now both be sailing on smoother seas!

  • I had a Basenji hide under a table whimpering just from a few fleas.

  • Houston

    So nice to hear..keep us posted please.

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