• Hi all,

    Jax has been staying with my sister over the last week because of my crazy work schedule. He just turned one. Starting today on day 4 at my sisters house he started getting these red bumps all over him. No changes in food, no known allergies, or medical conditions that may be causing this. He has been acting and eating nornally. No real changes, he is home now and it has only been a few hours but the bumps are still there. Hopefully someone can help me with what these may be?? I plan on taking him to the vet obviously but peace of mind in the meantime would be nice. There are about 15 bumps total, they are behind ears, above eyes, on shoulders, near genitals(not on), and on his knees. I am going to try to upload pictures.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I cannot get the pictures to upload. I keep getting an error, but they almost look like pimples without the head

  • Nick, she may use something in her yard or cleaning product. Try wiping him off completely or bathing, and give benedryl.

  • Hope things worked out. Might be chemicals but might also be an insect/spider bite. Would be interesting to know what the vet said.

  • @nick4 Sounds like an allergy or something biting him. For sure the vets and see what they say. Benadryl for sure, as far as I know it does no harm if you dose correctly.

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