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Jax is 12 weeks old0_1520495008371_26828169-9D45-4125-9A6D-B3ED11A0FF9F.jpeg

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Hello all, thank you for the responses, we are still working on crate training and he is not there yet. But he is calming down each day that goes by, he is behaving like I would expect him to at this age. He is so cuddly and loving and is starting to get over his separation issues and is starting to be independent. Ran into an issue last week with him not wanting anything to do with his food but a little water to the food did the trick and he is back to normal. I am not sure If I can post pics but I hope I can. 0_1520494648957_4A71A825-3D48-4EC0-9A5A-69C4FCD3EACA.jpeg

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Hello all,
I am Nick, I just got Basenji puppy 4 days ago he is a few days shy of 11 weeks old. I was definitely planning for sleepless nights, and just general puppy issues but I have a concern. I let my little guy sleep in bed with me because right now that is the safest place for him. The reason I started this is because I bought a large pen and a properly sized crate. Got him used to both of them, he doesn’t mind wandering in and out of them but as soon as the door is shut on either, all bets are off. There is no way he can be calmed, I cannot calm him down. Food will not calm him down, treats, toys, nothing. He gets to a point in the crate or play area that he is going to hurt himself with the excessive scratching atthe door. This obsessive behavior continues if im laying on the bed and hes not or im on the couch and he’s not, and he will do anything to get my attention. I understand a little of this behavior but I cant even get in the shower without him going absolutely nuts. Please help me. What can I do?

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