• http://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/pet/2217064453.html

    This is sad. Having had Drew lose an eye to glaucoma, I feel for this dog and family. Removal of the eyes when it is this bad, is the only humane way to treat the pain.

    Perhaps donations to the vet direct, in case folks think it is a scam???

  • Might have been a scam… post has been deleted

  • Yes, I see that too, Pat. The post is gone. Sadly, there are people out there who use animals for financial sympathy.

  • First Basenji's

    There was something about the post that did not make me think it was a scam. I saw it when it was still up. Those who posted weren't explicitly asking for donations, but rather, pleading for help w/ any information for alternatives, or offering their labor for any extra money. They had all of their personal information up. Maybe they got the help they needed, or had second thoughts about publicizing all that information… I certainly hope it wasn't because it's a scam or that they were being harassed.

    At any rate, I hope they are able to get the necessary help for their Basenji.

    And Linda, is that Drew in your profile picture? I've been wondering for a long time if there was a special story to it!

  • I would not have posted if I beleived it to be a scam. For folks who do worry about such things - one can always let the person know they would be more than willing to donate directly to the vet clinic for care of their pet.

    M.C. I too beleive they either got what they needed to help their little girl or they realized they put too much info on craigslist. I am hoping for the former.

    As for Drew - yes - that is a picture of him. If you really want to know - email me privately and I can send you a copy of an article I was asked to write for an Aussie pubication re: him.

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