• Does anyone know if dried starfish are toxic to dogs? My two just knocked over a giant vase on a table far far away and pulled one out and ate him. My vet opens at 8 and any assistance anyone can offer would be appreciated. The web seems to have conflicting information.


  • I doubt they would be toxic dried…by now you have talked to the vet, I am sure...let us know.

  • Dogs like to eat them especially when it's dry, crunchy and smells like fish. I think it depends on what kind of starfish. National Animal Poison Control 1-888-426-4435.

  • Okay, so just in case anyone else's dogs decide to eat a starfish…

    It depends on what kind of starfish. Some supposedly are toxic. Apparently the ones my kids ate are not that big of a deal. I think Miles got most of it. He threw up about a third of it five hours after consuming it. I knew this because Lexi came up to me with a leg that was about and inch and a half sticking out of her mouth. I pulled it out (while she growled at me... she NEVER does this... apparently starfish are like doggie crack) and it was soggy. Gross. Anyway, I found starfish parts and bile all over the kitchen floor and Miles sitting calmly with a "I don't feel good" look on his fuzzy little face. Other than being gassy and vomiting one time, it really did not seem to affect him. Lexi was not affected at all-- My guess is that she did not have a chance to eat any. She's usually the one with a sensitive stomach.

    The starfish they ate was not one of those prickly orange ones. It was one of the smooth white ones. I was actually more worried there was some sort of preservative or something on it.

    Oh-- And PS-- The National Animal Poison Control will cost you $60 to ask a question. 😞

  • Remember, if you catch them pretty close to when they ate something they should not have, you can always use H. Proxide to get them to barf…. works like a charm.... makes a mess and they are very unhappy, but it works.... two to three tables spoons "down the hatch"....

  • Yeh– That is true. But if it was going to be harmless, I didn't want to induce and possibly risk them choking on it. I did take the day off work to monitor them though.

  • @BDawg:

    Oh– And PS-- The National Animal Poison Control will cost you $60 to ask a question. 😞

    "MY DOG'S VERY VERY SICK"!! $60 please. Oh jezzz!

  • Glad everything is ok Bdawg

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