• I took Mister two Dicks and Pepper to the vet today to get their annual inoculations. As I stood by the counter to pay for the needles, a lady by her self walked into the room. Pepper barked at her. As shocked as I was, a few moments later Pepper barked at her again. I have previously heard her make this sound, but just thought I was hearing things. I assume Pepper is a pure bred as I have the papers for her. Do other Basenjis bark? Or is this part of a new master race of Basenjis that I have been given?

  • many basenjis can and do make a bark-like sound. I've heard it many times from many dogs, including my own. Zumi usually makes this sound if our puppy is messing with him too much. to me it sounds like a chopped off baroo. i tease him saying "bah! Bah!" not like a sheep, but short and sharp, he usually does it back. its not really a true "bark" but does sound quite similar.

    well, that's my experience, and all the B's I've heard were full bred.

  • They certainly can bark….. it sounds more like a cross between a bark and a woof... and not usually strung together more then one or two at a time...

  • I've heard Shaye bark a couple of times - once only each time. My mix, Gemma, of course barks, also one bark at a time, then it goes into a yodel or a baroo - she whines and talks and makes all kinds of odd noises - while Shaye looks at her disdainfully as though to say "oh please."

  • My Cosmo barks (and so did my 1st 😎 - like a "…berf... berf..." and she sounds like a min-pin... She only does it once in a while and it never fails to startle me... :p

    And like Tanza said, it's "...not usually strung together more then one or two at a time…"

  • Medjai can bark, but you can see him struggle to do it usually and it's only the one at a time then he has to wait. It's also when he's really excited and needs my attention to let him out to catch the dogs outside the window.

  • The bark a Basenji sometimes make always seems to me to be made in a different way to other dogs. I do know of Basenjis that bark just like other dogs and in a continuous stream - in my opinion they have something else in their background.

    In the early days any Basenji that tended to make a dog like bark was removed from the breeding pool.

  • Yes, Pepper's 'bark' was bark pause bark. I was amazed.

  • Abbey will let out one sharp little bark if she's really ticked off about something. She has to be really mad to do it.

  • You mean like this???



  • AJs Human, that was amazing, but no. Where that dog barks in a continuous amount of time, Pepper just lets out one bark, followed by a break, followed by another bark.

  • I have never heard a basenji do continuous bark… just the single. That video AJ, wow, wonder if purebred. Had never heard a basenji do that.

  • First Basenji's

    Cody will bark every once in a while, and he does the same thing: bark, pause, bark. He started mimicking our other dog, but it sounds so funny, like a human imitating a dog bark or something like that.

  • AJsHuman - That is what I call a normal dog bark! Possibly something in the background of the breeding?

    Incidentally my Kangal learnt to yodel (baroo)from my Basenjis!

  • LOL haven't been on in a couple of weeks and just today taped Cara. She was doing a lot more but here are a couple of BOOFS.



  • Zoey is almost 2 and has let out a bark 3 times and only when startled.

    Chief is a talker and usually barks several times a week. Most times when he is trying to get zoe to play. Often when my husband has told him not to do something he will stop but then give a single bark. It's as the others have said a single bark then pause and occationally followed by a second though not often.
    Yet when something outside catches their attention such as other dogs or critters they are totally silent running from windows to door or along our fence line with the dog next door who IS barking her head off mine never let out a peep other then whines.

  • Paco picked up barking while playing with the chihuahua mix that lives upstairs - it's not as continuous as on the video AJs Human put up, it's more like what you say Pepper did: bark, pause, bark. Then he starts barooing if he's really annoyed, heh.

  • The person said basenji, but then suggesting inbreeding might cause the barking. Um… inbreeding would more likely PREVENT the behavior by setting the genes than causing it. Am unsure, AJ, is that you? If so, lol I'd need a DNA test to believe that dog doesn't have non-basenji somewhere.

  • Is he in the B Pedigree Database? I am curious about his pedigree.


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