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See the problem is I didnt get my dog when he was a puppy, i got him from a shelter when he was 1 and a half years old. Thus, his bad behaviors were already there which makes it alot harder to correct. I wish I had him as a puppy because it would be alot easier…and out of curiousity what is "IMO" ?

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Can you tell me what kind of collar that you got? You shall not get snide remarks from me. I would much rather you do this collar than give up your dog.

There is a correct way to use a collar. I am not sure how we go about asking how I can get your email or give you mine. I think it would be better to talk about this that away.

Do you know who we have to ask?

Rita Jean

I'd tell you which one I bought but then i'm sure that would spawn more negative comments..

I asked around alot and read about the different collars and chose one based on my needs. I ended up spending more than $100 of course though lol.

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I posted the question about the collar because I HAVE tried every thing else. I have a 7 month old Basenji who is a wonderful dog but who play nips very hard. I am looking to control that issue. I am not trying to break his spirit or turn him into a zombie.

I have posted about this issue several times on this forum, and received snide remarks and non answers. This is a last ditch effort to stop my dog from biting people. We have bought dozens of books and tried every method recommended on this forum to no avail.

So know we are down to the collar. That is all that is left. If you are against collars don't use them. I am looking for information on how to use the collar to safely and effectively stop my dog from biting. If you have that information please share it. If not I will cheerfully ignore you. It is none of your business…..

EXACTLY!!! Thank you 🙂

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Did I say anything about 6 month old puppies? You said "we all know these aren't sit on the chair and watch TV dogs", I said mine do?… Did I say puppies and that was all they do? I don't think so... you are comparing your one puppy, one experience with a Basenji which is fine and it might work for your pup... long term, who knows. Chances IMO using things like shock collars will come back to "bite" you in the end.

And I still believe it is the easy way out... and if the day comes that one of these dogs that are wearing a shock collar has enough and bites back... who will suffer? The dog... who brought it on the dog... the human

Have you just read horror stories about shock collars or have you actually USED ONE? I've spent over $1500 on trainers and classes alone. I have done so much to try and train him and spent so much time and worked my butt off!! For me this is in no way shape or form an "easy way out" I'm glad that the only experiences you have had allow you to see this way as the "easy way out"

and just because the collar is called a "shock collar" doesnt mean thats all it does. Like i said before right now i rarely use the shock option and if i do its the lowest setting. What i think is cruel are bark collars because there is no control over them and they just shock the dog over and over

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I ended up buying one anyway, and so far its great. I have tried everything under the sun so this wasnt me taking the "easy way out". This was my last resort. Some people hate shock collars and some people don't. He has had no bad reactions and i only use the lowest shock when i need far i'm only using the beeping one which is tone only and no shock. The highest shock doesn't hurt me at all (yes like many people i was curious) its more of an annyoing tingling feeling which would only bother me if it went on for a couple minutes, which you are obviously not suppose to do. If used right i see no problem with it.

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I have decided that I want to do some shock collar training with my dog. Can anyone tell me what the best collar under $100 is? I want the kind for inside the house with a remote and i can't decide which one is the best one. He is a basenji mix so he is about 40lbs.

(if you don't like shock collars please do not comment.)

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is the way basenjis sit a basenji trademark?

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Actually if you want to contact me privately I can put you in touch with someone in MN who is an animal trainer/behavior specialist AND owns basenjis.

ok i'll message you.

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I am in desperate need of a behaviorist/trainer that knows basenjis. Im in a "its me or the dog" situation. Can someone refer me to a good one in Minnesota? Preferably the twin cities area.

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So my dog has just developed this strange new habit..
He randomly scratchs the carpet. Like hes trying to dig a hole or something..
Anyone else have this weird behavior? O.o

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