• Just sprung Benji from the Sacramento shelter today. According to the paperwork he is a 4 year old neutered male - surrendered due to financial reasons. When we got to the shelter I kneeled in front of the cage he was in and he cowered back and growled. He had apparently been "barrier aggressive" toward the shelter workers also. They think it's from being afraid. He has been in the shelter for 4 days.

    He jumped right into the car and was whiny in the crate on the way home, took a crap in the crate and then started eating it. Lovely. Got here and introduced him to Tayda and Lenny through an ex-pen. No growling or anything so after about 15 minutes I let them meet w/o the expen. Lenny was not too happy about it and there was some major grumbling and lunging no real aggression (I don't think). Still to be safe, I'm keeping him separate from my guys, at least for a while.

    Ondrej is inside cooking right now in the company of Tayda and Lenny and I'm out in the backyard with Benji. He's wandering around a little but actually for the most part he is sitting right next to me. It's nice to see him starting to relax. The shelter paperwork said he was out in a kennel during the day and inside at night. This worries me that he might not be potty trained.

    Any advice on fostering would be appreciated - this is my first time!

    Here are some pics of the little guy!


  • Well so far all seems to be going all right - I have Benji inside in a crate and Tayda and Lenny are loose inside. Benji seems to really be comfortable in a crate - which is great. He's sleeping in there like a baby right now. I suppose I'm going to have to have Lenny and Benji take turns in/out of the crates to keep everyone safe.

    He's a good boy. Outside today he was keeping pretty close to me and once when I was sitting on a chair, he jumped up and sat behind me and leaned against my back. So cute - and so nice to see him relaxing a bit. Poor thing must have been so scared in the shelter.

  • Did you get the "post from BRAT on how to help bond with your new foster/rescue" ?
    if not, I will send it to you off this site.
    Send me your e-mail address…

  • Thanks Sharron - no I don't have it. Just emailed BF Admin to send you my email!

  • If you want to take him to training classes to help with relationship building and to increase his adoptability, my friend has great drop in classes in Davis, http://www.thinkingdogs.net

    She volunteers at the Yolo County shelter and at the Sacramento shelter so has lots of experience with shelter dogs and she has been the training instructor for my dogs for the last 5+ years so she knows basenjis too.

  • Lucky Benji to be safe at your house. I hope everything works out well for you all. He's a nice looking Basenji.

  • He is soooo cute. Emailing immediately to mummy and daddy. 😃

  • What a beautiful boy. There's a sticky on this site I think with Sharron's tips for new rescues - image they would apply to fosters as well. They were invaluable when we got our second basenji.

  • First Basenji's

    Glad you were able to get him out of the shelter as soon as possible. Looking forward to hearing tales of his progress!

  • Benji is really going to make a great dog for someone. He slept in his crate without even a peep last night and is eating well. Lenny and Benji have graduated to being able to roam freely in the backyard, but both have leashes attached and dragging on the ground in case anything happens. But they are really much better today. There have even been a few spurts of playing between the two of them. Tayda stays on the sidelines and referees.

    Since this is my first time fostering I'm not sure how it works to get him up on the website and such, but I have an email into the coordinator to find out.
    I'll be driving down to LA over Labor day weekend so if anyone knows anyone that is interested in a basenji boy addition to their family between Sacramento and LA, I can deliver him that weekend! Of course it's all through BRAT but I definitely want to get the word out there that he is, or will be available soon!

    He's been actually playing with me and sticking close by my side. He's a completely different dog than even 24 hours ago when we found him scared and growling in the shelter.

  • Well so much for that good progress.

    After a nice day of them sharing the backyard and even playing some, we tried to come inside and Lenny decided he didn't want Benji inside. Lenny attacked Benji something fierce! Wow, it was so scary. Lenny had him by the neck and was shaking from side to side. I had Benjis leash and tried to free him but Lenny had a hold of him and would not let go. When we finally got them apart, I was amazed that there was no blood. Even Tayda tried to get in on the action but I was able to keep her away. Boy those two really are like a little pack.

    So now, they are totally separate and will stay that way. 😞 I just don't want any dog to get hurt and unfortunately I think it caused Benji to take a step backward towards the scared side he was at yesterday. I fed him in the crate after the fight and he was growling up a storm and showing teeth and acting all fierce - resource guarding I'm sure but it makes me sad to see him so disturbed.

  • Benji is so cute! Hopefully the pups will work it out among themselves and he'll be a happy addition to some lucky family. Once they find stability they usually settle right down.

  • I'm sorry to hear about this. Hopefully when the stress dies down it'll be possible to try again to integrate them in a controlled way.

  • We have had other dogs briefly, mine are fine in the yard but not so welcoming inside THEIR house. Even a yard is more neutral than inside. Sorry you had such a setback, probably too much too soon (hindsight is easy) but thankfully no one was really injured. good luck, and thank you for fostering a cute boy.

  • I have asked the BRAT coordinator to find another foster for Benji. This is just not a good situation for him. Lenny has decided he can not be here.

    I'm sad about this as I really want to help Benji, but not at the risk of someone, or a dog, getting hurt. It's not a good situation for anyone, especially Benji. I'm sure it's traumatic enough for him without having to be constantly onguard from the resident dog


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