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    …meet..well she doesn't have a name yet, but we are working hard on it, so we will inform when we figure it out.
    We picked here up today, my son and I, in Waco, about 3 hours from our home, each way...long day for sure, but she was so worth it.
    So far the pack are checking her out and sniffing every inch of her..some snarls and growls but nothing serious.
    She is a sweetie and seems to love my kiddos, that is always a good sign..

    look at me..

    meeting the pack..

  • Wel, well look at the new beautiful girl. Her coat looks really good too. How old is she? She looks young. Great of you once again Petra for helping out!

  • She looks cute…. Hey... just a observation... looks to me like that harness is way too tight?

  • She is so cute and looks like she just fits right in. Ok guys what ever your looking at you share with the lady. I do agree in the first picture looks like harness is too tight. There is your lady and red Basenjimamma. Looks like she all ready likes her new brothers and we only name the babies we keep.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    Thanks guys..things are escalading around here, she definitely stands her ground, so we have had a lot of fullblown fights already, my arm got in the middle, only grazed though, as I was trying to break them all up..Day 1..adjustment day..we just had to seperate her and Otis..poor Otis is just walking past her, not even cloe, 4+ feet from her and she goes ballistic..scary like my 4 yr old put it..
    Day 2 will be somewhat better and day 3 better be "gooder" then Day 2..and so on.
    The harness is off by the way, they didn't have anything different to put on her as they were transporting her from the shelter so they took what they had..she is now in a collar.

    They don't know how old she is , the vet stated 6 mo, he is off I think, she is closer to 1-2 yrs I think..
    Got to go , fight number 55..brewing in our livingroom..

  • Poor Otis he is so kind and good then Red says hello the hard way. Thank you about collar I know your there and see it. O for about day 10 when all is well and everyone is playing together I used the word playing. Have fun this evening.

    Rita Jean

  • Just remember that some will never "fit" in ….. so keep that in mind.... while you are fostering her..... it is better in most cases to set bounderies.. right off... and not just "dump" them into a situation where she might want to try and guard things.... and the others that are used to sharing don't get the signals that she is giving

  • Houston

    I know what you mean Tanza, things are getting better as the night approaches, so tomorrow will be better..I hope.
    My pack are minding their business playing with their own toys and she will beeline to Otis, while he is laying there chewing his bone, and just attach herself to his neck…and the sounds coming out of her, wow...it is wild to see how she just attacks him..and the other ones as well, but it is much better now..
    I have squirted all of them to split them up..and it works.

  • Hide Otis and his bone she sounds a little wild. Were did she come from and why? She must have been the only one. Best of luck for the rest of tonight.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    No one knows where she is from, she was in a shelter, picked up from the streets, somebody contacted Brat and here she is..we have named her Dotty by the way, she has freckles all around her nose area, on her skin in the white fur area, as well as on her stomach. So Dotty fits well, Devil, is what my kids wanted to name her, thankfully they didn't get to decide..LOL
    She is calm now and sleeping ever so peacefully with the other dogs, so all is good. I think we needed to establish pecking order and for her to tell them she won't get walked on..just 'cause she is new.

  • You could have let the kids name her Dev that away not everyone would know what it really was. Loss on streets she is lucky a car did not get her. She looks so pretty in the picture. Pecking order what are you talking about after all she is the only girl and now the Princess. LOL Sorry just had to say that lets hope all is calm and peacefull the full night but just before dawn look out.

    Rita Jean

  • @Basenjimamma:

    she will beeline to Otis, while he is laying there chewing his bone, and just attach herself to his neck…and the sounds coming out of her, wow...it is wild to see how she just attacks him..and the other ones as well, but it is much better now..

    Firstly, welcome to the new foster. 🙂 Do you know if the place she was fostered in Waco before you got her if they had other basenjis in the house?

    I'm wondering because, are your sure that the attaching at the neck and the noise isn't just play? Basenji play is VERY rough & tumble and VERY noisy. The neck grabbing is usually the initiating of play in my house - Ruby doesn't respond to the neck grab very well (usually ignores it until she coughs or growls when she isn't in the mood), she much prefers the basenji dance to initiate play. 🙂

    It may be that she is a very rough player and Otis isn't used to it - so she needs to tone it down a notch and Otis might need to bring it up a notch ;):D. I'm just wondering if because Otis grew up around calmer different breeds if he isn't now being exposed to proper (or improper :D) basenji play. It does sound like maybe she was taken from her litter mates too soon so she didn't get the proper messages from her siblings about toning it down.

    I will say if you aren't used to it, it is hard to judge, and in my house, I only break it up if someone looks like they aren't having fun or it ends up in the dogs "yelling" in each others faces. In my case, my 9mo. pup learned the rough play from my 2 adult basenjis right off the bat (11wks old) - a survival mechanism that the adults are paying for now. 😃 :rolleyes:

  • I would suggest keeping her on leash attatched to your hip until she settles. I know it would be annoying but it can give your dogs time to adjust without her in their face stealing their toys. They can get used to her just being there. Also, I would pick up toys and no treats and feed in the crate. Some fosters will blend really nicely in the pack and other won't. This isn't forever but just to avoid fights if possible.

    Good luck and she is beautiful.

  • Houston

    Hi again, the night was long and I am tired..lol.
    She didn't sleep more then maybe 1 hour at a time, then she got up to play, and this went on through the night. We tried crating her, but she cried and that still kept me up. I think she just had too much energy from being cooped up for so long in shelter. She has not been fostered before, as far as BRAT knows so this is all new to her.
    Things are better for sure, but much more violent that I have seen in the other foster I have had. Otis is a rough player and very necky, but this was pure anger fights, she even drew blood on Otis lip at one point, and he is looking very uncomfortable. Like he is trying to figure out.."What the h–-, this is my house, she can't just waltz in her and have her way.." She might have issues with males, who knows, that is why we are fostering right? To figure out where she fits in and who would be her perfect forever family..
    I didn't get Otis until he was 4 mo. old so he grew up among other B's, his parents and one other set of adult B's as well as some littermates were still there when I got him, so he has been around b's for like I said his first 4 mo, this last 4 mo. he has played with some at the dog park, but only rough here at the house with our dogs and friends dogs.
    Today is day 2 and it WILL be better, I just have to believe in that. Dotty is a sweetie towards the kids and us, no fear what so ever, just has issues with Otis and our dachshund, Gus..our female Schnorkie, she plays with normal, not killbill style..

  • Kudos to you for taking in the foster - here's hoping things will work themselves out even more.

  • Blood drawing doesn't sound good.

    Have you walked Otis and the new foster together - what happens when they are "off your/Otis' turf."

  • Your new girl is beautiful - nice coat, and the usual elegant air about her!

  • I hope you have a better day today and maybe get a nap in. I think I would walk and play run do what ever. Keep her awake and going all day so just mabe she will so tried tonight she will sleep. Hope Otis lip is all right.

    Rita Jean

  • Hunter, my BRAT pup, came from a house with 2 big dogs. He plays like a big dog! Way too rough for my Bandit. Maybe Dotty came from a house with big dogs?

    I can say that, now, almost 4 months later, Hunter is learning it's not OK to play so rough. Bandit puts him in his place when she has to. And she's learning to keep her neck away from him!!!:o

  • Aww poor Oyis, he must wonder what hit him 😞
    Hopefully Dotty will learn not to play so rough soon. You are very kind to open your home to foster dogs.
    She looks a beautiful Basenji, i wish she was in the UK 😞

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