• Yesterday I got my first BRAT foster, Duke, who is super sweet. He is fitting in great and Piper is absolutely in love with him, poor Duke never gets a minute of peace because Piper is always trying to instigate play. She just runs up and smacks him in the face with her paw and runs away trying to get him to chase her, but Duke does not seem to mind and appears to be having a good time with her. He is still not completely comfortable here and will probably still take a little while before he really relaxes and settles in, but we have not had any real problems or major disagreements yet so, so far so good.


  • Duke is a great looking dog! Love the pics of him and Piper 🙂 Lycia is exactly the same with smacking Tillo in the face and then running away.. gg.. always fun to watch.

  • Duke will make someone a wonderful companion and handsome too. The two of them look great together.

  • Duke looks a great Basenji, glad he's settling with you and hope he finds a forever home soon.

  • Thank you so much for opening your home up to Duke.
    I will look forward to stories on how he is settling in.

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