• I am willing to foster a Basenji if anyone in Oklahoma or nearby has one needing a foster. Ive contacted BRAT several times to foster but never heard back. I have 1 Basenji currently, a yard and a great vet. Also have an older mixed breed mutt who just kinda hangs around and chills lol. Email me direct if anyone needs a foster. I can only foster one at a time. ou.girl.liz09@gmail.com

  • I think it is great that you are willing to foster.

    I would just caution that bringing another dog into the house while you are trying to deal with Anubis' aggression issues may not be wise.

    It would be best to focus your energies on dealing with Anubis, and consider fostering once you have his aggression under control.


  • Hey Nicole, good idea. Once his issues are dealt with I'd be more than happy to bring in a foster 🙂 Ive got new ideas im putting to use and so far today everything's gone smoothly. No snarky Anubis today lol

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