** Looking to Foster in Oahu Hawaii!!**

I have filled out an application to be a foster home for BRAT, but im not sure if there is someone or something else i should be doing/talking to, to expedite the process so I can open our home. I know that they are desperate for foster homes, but if anyone has any information about how or what i should be doing let me know!! THANKS 😃

you can foster me. I would love to come to Hawaii.

Let me look into it. On the recent list I got we did not have any dogs in Hawaii but that does not mean we won't.

Maybe if you contact the BRAT rep in Hawaii (nahele) who posted to this thread, they could hook you up with a foster or at least keep you in mind.


I'm a brat volunteer since there are no pm's here, I'll just give you one of my emails. It is: dragoneyes2soul@gmail.com It is an older email addy, that I don't check often but I just cleaned it all out and will look in it over the next few days for an email from you

if you shoot me an email I can get you in contact with people in charge of your region and district (Hawaii) in hopes to speed along the process

Thank You!! I hope I hear from someone soon!! :))

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