• i am going to be fostering a little brat girl for just a couple of days. she just needs a transient home, someone has already adopted her. supposedly she is very well behaved. i am hoping she will be a good influence on fender…he opened a christmas present the other day. finals have just ended for me so i will be able to spend lots of time with the b's. wish me luck!

    thought i would add pics along with the story
    first is fender, next are both star

  • Sounds like it will be interesting. Keep us posted on how she does and how she and fender interact. It's nice to know people are so willing to help… thanks for fostering her.

  • Good luck, what a nice Christmas present for the foster-ee. That is wonderful of you to do. Keep us posted on how things go…

  • okay you guys this is the sweetest girl. all she wants to do is sleep. she completely ignores fender. i just keep reassuring him that he is my baby. the home that we thought she was going to is not going to work out. there is someone else interested. it is so heartbreaking that someone put her out. she seems to prefer my three year old son to any of us.

  • Oh how sweet! Why did they put this cute lil girl out?? I can't imagine who would have the heart to do this.

  • She seems so sweet and how nice that she "chose" your son! He's a cutie too!!

  • thank you. the other people seemed to really think a lot of her. so she is with them, getting to know her new (hopefully) brother, a basenji mix. btw, fender is just fine, he doesnt mind not having competition around!

  • Had to add, I think you're very brave! You have a male Basenji AND a 3 year old, and your tree is on the floor unprotected!! 😃 Ours is up on a small table and we put a wooden garden fence around it just so the boys don't think, "Cool, indoor plumbing!"


  • i am brave? tehehe…stubborn is more the word. the punishment for touching the tree is one present goes in the garbage. i spell garbage g-a-r-a-g-e...luckily, i have only had to put one in the garage so far, it was a quick lesson.

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