• I did two HV's on Sunday. It was so nerve-wracking. I really felt the pressure of making sure these were goooooood homes for B's! Wow. I never stopped to consider the responsibility before. Now I do.

    For the record, they were both great.

  • Good for you! I agree, doing home visits bears a great deal of responsibility. If you miss a hole under a fence, a rescue could escape and be lost. But it's a great opportunity to educate and answer questions and best yet, find really good homes for basenjis in need!

    Kudos to you.

  • Thank you. One already has B's and is open to a foster. The other had kids who could discuss FROM MEMORY every adoptable dog on the BRAT site. I was impressed.

  • LOL I have done so freaking many home visits, can do nearly in my sleep. (I bred several litters of Rotties, plus countless rescues and now for BRAT).

    My nerve wracking was when BRAT came to do a home visit before Cara! It was funny to be on the other side of the process!

    LOL good for you! Brat needs us all!

  • First Basenji's

    I'm sure you did a great job. 🙂 Did you get to bring Nayru along for any of the visits?

    I did one (my first) a while ago and it felt like one of the most pleasurable "business" trips I've ever had. But I was sent an easy one. The family was already B-experienced and so most of the time, aside from inspecting fences and getting a sense for the layout of the home and the temperament of their current B, we just sat around and talked about our dogs for a bit. And we know how pet owners love to indulge in story-telling…

  • Nayru did get to go. She loved the first stop because there were three children there who adored her. I brought along treats. She was nearly perfect. LOL.

    Second stop was a B-filled house and she wasn't too big on having to share the pretty redhead,pointy-ear spot.

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