• Houston

    Our lovely Bana has found her way home to a forever home. She "moved" there yesterday when we met her new parents Rick and Maggie halfway between our home and theirs. She sniffed their hands a few times and then was happy to be put into the back of their truck. Rick told me she slept on the way home and once she got there she was eager to say hi to her new sister, Cleo, a B Mix as well as her new feline siblings. She also have quite few BFF's running along either side of their yard..lucky Bana.

    We are very happy to have had Bana in our lives if even for a short while. She blossomed into a sweet little playful gal, who knew how to stand her ground. This was our first attempt to foster and we succeeded…now we are ready for foster #2 and 3..and so on..

  • That's wonderful to hear. Great job Petra!!

  • This is really great! Kudos to you and your family for getting her ready for her forever home!

  • Great news 🙂

  • Houston

    Thanks all, we are happy to have been part of her life. Her parents have signed up on the board as well, but I haven't seen any posts yet..They also have a Bmix named Cleo.

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