Forever Home!

I just did my 1st transport for BRAT and took Gibbs the last leg to his forever home! 🙂 He was the sweetest little boy I've ever met. I wanted to keep him 😃 It was so great to see his new mom meet him for the 1s time. I did her home visit and then was lucky enough to get to bring him HOME! :):) What a great experience & it warmed my heart to know a B in need found a wonderful forever home!

Gibbs 🙂

Great job on your 1st transport! And Gibbs looks like he appreciates the ride, too! 🙂

Good for you. It must be very satisfying. I signed up for BRAT a few months ago and I am glad that up here there aren't too many B's around. I would want to keep all of them and hubby would be mad…..too little room in the bed already!

WTG! LOL I used to foster and transport the foster to meet new owners. I warned the coordinator if I met and didn't like them, I would NOT hand off the dog. LOL fortunately I loved them all.

Great job Lisa! Gibbs looks like a really good boy and he appreciated your help.

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