Pearl still needs a home

Pearl is a 6-9 year old purebred basenji in rescue with BCOSW. She would do best in a home with only male dogs and no kids under 8. She is a beautiful girl in great health. Pearl is current on vaccines and HWT and is spayed and microchipped. She has tested probable clear for Fanconi

I'd take her in a moment! She looks so close (kind of) to the one in my aviator. Had to put my last one down last Fall. Really need to get some fence work done so she could free range the 1 1/2 acre back yard. Really like to find another good "B".

There is some more info on her on our Facebook page. Go to facebook/bcosw and look at the rescue photo album or the rescue tab on the far left (there are some short videos). I've got some more photos of her I need to load on the page, which I should do tonight. She is down to a better weight now.

Has anyone from BRAT been notified?

I think that BCOSW is taking care of this since she in on their website?

Yes, BCOSW is currently taking care of her. Nicole would have to comment any regarding BRAT involvement since she is our primary Rescue contact.

Yes, she is in BCOSW rescue. BRAT knows about her, and even did a craigslist posting for us.
Pearl is a really sweet girl who needs a great home.


The foster home does help for both BRAT and BCOSW.

I have to add… I so love when I see Basenji Clubs involved in rescue. Y'all warm my heart. It is often uphill battle... have had so many Chow breeders respond that "we didn't create them, not our problem." Rottie breeders have gotten much more involved over the last 15 yrs, but in GA we have ONE breeder who routinely helps either foster or donate funds. One, out of MANY show breeders. It is disheartening. So from a non-basenji breeder, let me simply applaud you. Your club represents the best of the best... breeding the best and care takers of the breed.

I've attached an updated picture of Pearl. She is down to a healthy 22 lbs and looks like a completely different dog!


She looks lovely.. ♥

She sure does look great.

I updated Pearl's Petfinder page with a new picture from the BCOSW B match. Please 'like' it, post it on facebook, and keep her in mind if you come across anyone looking for an older basenji. She really is a gem, and deserves a good home.

Just an FYI that Pearl has found a wonderful new home.


Yes, Awesome news..:):D

I'm so glad. I've been waiting to hear this news since last fall. Thanks to everyone that transported, fostered, gave medical attention and networked for her and Ruby!

So happy to hear Pearl has a new home - the people on this site, and the rescue groups that frequent it, are so warm-hearted and helpful when a B needs to find a new home. It's uplifting to read about these things happening with so much garbage going on "out there"

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