We are failed foster parents - adoption completed!

  • Hi, well Kell of the Graham 8, is settled into his forever home. Our adoption of this special boy is complete. He has turned from a timid and shy boy into a bold, exploring, toy playing (and so far non-destoyer of toys) and theif of all things not his. He is a talker, a stalker of his pack mates and a pouncer on those unaware and a magnificent tail wagger. Can you tell we love him? The photos show him as a scared boy and then a playboy and finally a tired boy. Thank you BRAT for this addition to our family.

  • Houston

    Congratulations to all of you and Kell too..you did great..oh well so what if you fail foster 101..
    He is absolutely adorable..Your pack looks wonderful..thanks for sharing those great pictures, again, congrats :):D

  • Great job on failing as foster parents but being successful on developing this youngsters true Basenji characteristics! I love pics too.

  • Good for you..a good match is the most important thing! Course, you can always "foster" another b …wink.

  • First Basenji's

    Congrats on your successful fail! It's nice seeing the progression of photos.

  • Sometimes failure is a good thing…..

    Congratulations to you and the very lucky Kell

  • thats wonderful - what a great reason to fail as foster parents!!!

  • It looks as if Kell has blended in very well. Great pictures that show he is now a pack member.

  • Oh well done! That is brilliant.

  • What a difference from the first photo, he's a lucky boy.

  • Lovely pictures, its good to know yet another rescue has found a loving home.

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