I'm expecting, how do i prepare my B-baby?

  • hi all, i have recently learned that i am expecting a baby and would like some advise from other mothers/b-owners out there. first off, i will say that Zumi is a doll with kids and babies of all ages, always has been, but will he get jealous?
    already he knows i'm expecting i think, he's even more "clingy" to me. he likes to look at and snuggle up to my tummy even more. however, he is getting more possessive towards me too with my other dogs, he snaps at them, which i do NOT allow.
    Zumi has always been my little baby, and oh, how he knows it, my concerns are, will he get jealous of my baby when it's born and takes some of his attention away?
    Zumi grew up with my niece and he adores her, he got used to having his poor tail pulled and ears chewed/drooled on. he has never snapped at or growled at a child or baby, but what if its mine and he sees it as "competition for mommy"? to get him ready for my niece to be brought home we brought baby blankets with the baby's scent and some equipment i.e. strollers, car-seat, baby swing, etc.. home for the dogs to check out. of course he will never be near a child unsupervised, am i just worrying too much?
    how do i prepare my b-baby for a real one? i am early on in my pregnancy so i have awhile to acclimate him.

    i hope i attached a pic of him doing quality control with the baby bouncer from my niece.

  • I cant help, but that is the cutest picture ever!! 😃

  • I can't help, but congratulations.
    Kim (Buana), shared a thread where she discussed her pregnancy and the dogs.
    It was a very interesting read.


  • That's a great picture! Maybe if he's getting clingy with your tummy he can hear the baby, but I have no advice for when the baby comes - I had no B's when mine were born.

  • Oh yes, read Kim's threads, she is the "poster child" for bringing a baby into a basenji home! Congratulations!

  • Another good person to hook up with is Quercus another poster child for raising babies with dogs in the home…. she has introducted one baby boy and then twin baby boys to their home......

    But I think one of the biggest key is to include them in everything... do not shut them off from the activity of a baby... and don't let outsiders tell you what to do...

    and Congrats....

  • Thanks Pat 🙂

    In addition to what Pat mentioned about including the dog, I think one key to success is staying calm, and conveying to the dog 'this is no big deal, I love this new little thing, and so should you' If the dog perceives that you are nervous about the baby, or the dog/baby combo, he will blame the baby for the anxiety. Also limit the number of 'strangers' in your house when the baby comes…this usually produces extra anxiety in everyone, and the dog feels it.

    Also, make whatever changes that need to occur to the dog's life NOW, not when the baby comes. Try to forsee what might need to change....so if he isn't going to be able to sleep in your bed when the baby comes, make the change now.

    My dogs never seemed to take much notice during the pregnancies....except it was harder for them to sit on my lap 😉

    Good luck, and congrats 🙂 Feel free to contact me if you need anything 🙂

  • First of all, Congrats!!! 🙂

    My dogs were very crazy about my tummy, they wanted to sleep on it (with their heads) and talked with the baby (they putt their head on my tummy and waited for the baby to react, if he didn't react they softly moved with their heads to ask for a reaction.. and he always did..

    I agree with Querus, she already told a lot of thing we also took care of.

    We made Ryan's room long before my due date, and bought all the stuff also long before that date.

    It's important the dogs get the same attention as always.
    And when the baby arrives, let him see the little one and let him be apart of all the fun.
    Don't let the dog wait for attention when you are busy with the baby, also give him attention when you are busy with the baby.
    That way he won't think "I don't like the baby beause when the baby is aroun I won't get my attention"

    And we told our guests "don't be running to the baby, stop by our other baby's first!
    Amost every guest brought snacks for the dogs.. they said "well… the other kids need a present too for this great party!!! "

  • i cant help either…but he is precious!!!

  • There is so much great advice above… so I will say CONGRATULATIONS! In my experience, basenjis will be protective of those that they love, and like others said, make sure your dog love your baby! As long as you are providing love to your b, there won't be a problem. Relax, and when your baby kicks, leave your dog's paw on your tummy so he feels included! 🙂

  • I just came back to the boards after a year's absence… And we've had a baby who is now four months old (see pics under the Cooper update thread on show off your dog).

    Things have gone really well for us, but we worked hard at it. It's great that you know he's already good with kids and babies! Start thinking right now about how your life and routine are going to change, and get Zumi used to some of those new things:

    -Let him see/sniff everything that comes in for the nursery, and set limits of what he can play in/with (you should discourage any further use of the bouncy seat).
    -Start sitting in the rocker/chair you'll be using with the baby. Set up a nice cozy dog bed nearby. I often nurse on the couch or propped up in bed, and Cooper loves to curl up by my side and enjoy quiet cuddles.
    -See how Zumi reacts to you fussing over a baby doll and ignoring him or to hearing baby cries from the crib (rig up speakers or a laptop). Work on desensitizing him if needed.
    -Think about all the things you will have to do for him one-handed! Can he sit for you to put on his leash? Is he a good walker? Will he sit for you to stop and tie your shoes, check the mail, or greet another person on a walk? Does he know a command to go to his bed or crate when you need him out of the way? Does he know a "leave it" command? Is he scared to walk by a stroller (you can practice with a shopping cart at a pet store long before you purchase a stroller)?
    -Think about his safety! Cooper seems to be fascinated by disposable diapers, but doesn't care a bit about the cloth ones we usually use. The absorbant gel in disposables can kill a dog if ingested, so be careful with the diaper pail.
    -Walking is great exercise while you're pregnant, and very enjoyable for your dog. Walk, walk, walk! Incorporate obedience work into your walk if you don't already to make life easier. Put a good ergonomic baby carrier on your registry (Moby and Ergo are safe and comfortable), so you can walk the baby and dog and have both hands free.

    Hope this helps!

  • Great suggestions! And welcome back Ruth…and CONGRATS!!!!

  • Goodness, that is a super cute picture. Congrats to you, on your pregnancy and on being caring enough to want to work hard on making sure the addition to your family goes well for Zumi.

  • My wife is also expecting, due in about 2 months. Is there any tips for the actual introduction day? Anythign to do rather then just showing up with a baby in arms? When we got uor 2nd basenji, she was flown in and I picked her up at 2am at teh airport and my wife carried her straight in, right in front of our male. He ignored my wife for weeks, dont want anything like that to happen again…..any tips wold be great thanks!!! 🙂

  • Hey hansfingas. One thing is to bring a blanket to hospital and lay the child on it a few hours, then take it home! Helps to give the dogs a scent. As for your male… if he pouted before he is likely to again lol.. maybe more so for a HUMAN. Someone on the chow boards called petting another dog adogery (as opposed to adultery).... so I guess you all will be committing Ababery.

    Here is a pretty good article I give people:

  • I have nothing to add from experience, but I need to say that this board, and all those who post, are truly angels! I log on at least a few times a week just to get a dose of GOOD advice. Thank you all for sharing your experience and knowledge and advice. As a new Basenji guardian (6 months), it has been SO very helpful to be able to come here and gather information about how best to raise and care for my B! You have my most heartfelt thanks and appreciation!

  • Well all, I'm just a few days out from my due date (the 29th) , and Zumi is taking everything in stride. I'm letting him inspect all clothing, and well, baby paraphernalia in general. He isn't minding anything or stressed at all, save for when i told him to get out of the car-seat, and that newly washed and folded socks are NOT toss toys (he pouted for that one).

    We are making slow progress with the sister-hating issue ( he took a few treats from her when she gave him a few commands) but he ADORES her kids. He seemed fascinated with her newborn, and when we introduced them, he did great! a few sniffs, a little lick, and he lay down right next to her. He approved 🙂 He also loved licking up the spit up.
    I am very much hoping that he will accept my own baby as well, but honestly see no concerns thus far.
    So here we are just anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new member of the family and of course introducing her to this great on-line community.

  • Huge Congrats. I can't give any advice but your pic made me laugh out loud 😃

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