• Just a quick question…

    We got Lori about a week and a half ago. Ever since we got her she has been constantly following Indy around. He has warmed up to the idea and now they are happily playing tricks on both DH and I as a tag team.

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that they are becoming fast friends but I want to make sure Lori gets the independance she deserves.

    Currently we are taking them for most of their walks together. At least once a day Lori and Indy go out separately (Indy to the park Lori to hang out at home and go for a walk till she gets her rabies and an ok from the vet) DH and I usually switch of who is who. Am I on the right track or should I do more independant things with her?

  • I think that sounds perfect! You want the younger dog to be comfortable going new places without the older one; and you want the older one to still have some special one on one time with the humans…but there is no need to get carried away with having them do things separately! Dogs like to act as a pack 🙂

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