Miss Wheat In May

Here is the latest picture of Miss Wheat.


She has such a sweet expression.

simply adorable!!

She looks so soft and such a sweetheart!

Has she destroyed anything yet????


She is so dainty..simply adorable.

Love, love, love her sweet face! Her colouring still looks so soft.

First Basenji's

She has such a sweet, yet stoic face. How is she doing?

Gorgeous! She is growing nicely.

What a wonderful smile (both of you)

Thank you, I have a ton of photos and will see about getting them cropped down and shared.
She really is quite the girl!!!

Here are some more of Wheat and another of the imports.



Sharron, Lisa..great pictures..
She is adorable..So petite.

Ivoss - thank you for more pictures - it's good to see them growing so well.

Lisa is wonderful for posting these for me. The bottom red girl is one of the other "type" the group brought back from Africa…you can see how red she is.
Anyway, Miss Wheat...Does she have a face or what???
Typed like a proud momma!

Oh, Lisa Saban is the blond gal in the photos. She is planning on going back to
Africa next year and the year after…trying to get new blood in before the cut off date.
She is a neat gal, some of you will be able to meet her at the national this year.
Please go say HI, I just love her...such a fun gal to be around.

Oh Sharron, Miss Wheat looks so adorable in her very own basenji chair! Does she know she is on display or what! I am really looking forward to meeting her in August. Will Lisa be there too? I'd love to meet her. She sounds like a very devoted basenji lover.

Hhehe Fran, that is the chair I take to do rescue booths for b's…so, NO MISS WHEAT can't have it!!!
But she can sit in it whenever she wishes!

Oh, Yes, Lisa will be there, and she will have the red african dogs with her as well.
So, it will be a whole lot of b's needing laps!

First Basenji's

She has such a mysterious look to her… like she has a secret she wants to share, especially in pics 2 and 4.

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